Thursday, June 23, 2016

Houston...we have a garden!!

Sorry for the long span between this post, and the last.  But, all I can say is life got in the way :)

I am however, here with an update on the garden adventure that me and the girls started this year.

As you may remember, we planted our carrots and onions on April 27th.  In retrospect, I got them both out way too late.  They are cold weather crops, and I could have started them way earlier than I did.  I am contemplating doing a replanting in the late summer, early fall of both.  Either way, lesson learned for next year.

We planted our pole beans, summer squash, zucchini, mustard and cucumbers on May 10th.  The pole beans are starting to vine here and there up the cages, and I did see a few blooms this morning.  

The summer squash and zucchini are blooming, but the cucumbers not so much.  

My mustard looked like it wasn't going to make it, but then four days ago it took off.  

We planted our roma tomatoes, red and yellow sweet peppers, basil, 45 day cabbage, mini pie pumpkins, and little picklers on May 19th.  The romas are not as tall as I would like for them to be at this point, but they are blooming and showing tomatoes.  

The red and yellow peppers haven't grown much at all, and have had blooms, but nothing looking like a pepper yet :(.  

The 45 day cabbage is doing nothing, but growing large heading of the cabbage can be seen.  But, my pumpkins and picklers are blooming great, and looking really good. 

Everything was going as planned, with the exception of the onions and carrots of course.

Until four days ago.

I discovered Japanese beetles on everything but my tomatoes.  I was so upset, I about cried.  

Then I got online, did a little research, and hit Evans Hardware and talked to Mike.  He suggested the concentrated Sevin Spray used in conjunction with a tank sprayer.  He said it would last for 2 weeks, and I could spray multiple times through the beetles swarming season, to keep them away.

So I went home, mixed up my Sevin solution and went to work.  I sprayed., and sprayed, and then sprayed some more.  As I sprayed, the beetles did drop off, and die.  So, I felt for the moment it was working.  Thankfully, we did not get any rain for 24 hours, so that the treatment could take hold.  I went out this morning, and discovered two beetles on my beans.  I decided not to panic just yet.  I will wait, and if they seem to be coming back, I will spray again.

So, now I am hauling water to the garden on the days we do not get rain, and I sing and talk to my plants.  I know my surrounding kinfolk probably think I am losing it, but I can remember my grandmother singing her hymns while in the garden, and her plants were always blessing her with bountiful harvests.  So, I am of the opinion that singing to them does have an affect.  Either way, I enjoy my time more in the garden when I sing and talk to my plants.

So, that is how it all stands now.  I will update in a few weeks, and will let you know how the Sevin spray did, or did not work, and if we are getting close to harvesting.  Can't wait!! Then we can start canning our goodies.  

Until then, me and the girls wish you a happy, safe, and above all blessed day :)