Friday, April 29, 2016

If not now...when?

As I sit down to write this blog post, I realize that another week has come and gone, and it is Friday again.  I also realize that I do not know where the days go anymore.  

I acquired a very good, yet temporary job a couple of months ago.  I get plenty of hours, and have even almost caught up on our bills that woefully had fallen many months behind.  After another paycheck, it looks like we will be all square, and can start to breath again.  Well, as well as we can these days.  I pray nightly that this wonderful job will last as long as possible.  I know that the hours will not always be great, but this job affords me to work out of the home, and be near to my girls almost all the time.  With them getting along in years, and recent bouts with their health, every moment spent with them is precious.  

I have been working, well started working, on a plan that will minimize how much we need to pay the bills.  I am not one for buying much other than the necessities.  Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of things I would love to have, but being able to work out of the home, and devising a plan to keep it that way is the thing I want the most.  So, I have listed our current bills, and am in the process of whittling them down to the bare minimum.  It will take some willpower, and some serious slashing of luxuries, but I think I can work it out.  

I am going to the movies with dear friends on May 6th, and then that will most probably be the last time I will be able to splurge.  My goal, as of today, is to get my primitive decor online business up and running, and also get my small primitive decor business out of the home going as well.  To say it is going to be an uphill battle would be an understatement.  But, this is a direction I really feel I need to take in  my life.  I feel the Lord is telling me to work harder at my dreams, so that is what I am going to do.

 If not now....when?

Friday, April 22, 2016


So, it is Friday.
The end of a work week for some, and for some not so much.

Fridays are like any other day around the hacienda here.
All days, spent with the girls, are precious and enjoyed.
Working from home, as I am currently blessed to do, allows me be near the girls most all day long. 

Today has been a rainy, dreary day--not that I am complaining.  

We had gone quite the spell without any rain, so it is welcomed today.

It would have been great if I had gotten my garden started already, so as to take advantage of this slow, much need rain..unfortunately I haven't.

I am starting this year with a raised bed garden. 
 I had contemplated it more than once before, but I really think it is the best way to go.  
I will be building it myself, so it should be interesting to see the results.

I have been researching the pros and cons, the proper method, and the not so proper method for a raised bed set up.  I think I have finally figured out how to proceed, and hope to get that all started in the next week or so.

I am going to be documenting my journey into raised bed gardening here, so keep an eye out for those posts.

Monday, April 18, 2016


Last week, I had an online job interview.  
The pay was great, and the terms were great as well. 
 I was offered the position, and accepted it immediately.

Then came today---training day.
And I realized I was way in over my head.

I was upset at first, but after talking to a dear friend about it *thank you Gina :)*, I realized that I had made the right decision in bowing out.  

I did not think, after seeing more in depth what the job entailed, that I was the person to do it.

Gina said "there are a million jobs out there, and the right fit will come along."

In that one little sentence she spoke volumes.  And for me, it all came down to one word...


Faith that the Lord will provide.
Faith that I will know to see where he wants me to be.
And Faith that it will all work out.

I am so happy that after today, my Faith is just as strong and unshakable as ever.

I am not saying that it will be easy, and I am sure at times I will feel downtrodden, but
I know that all will be right, and that me and the girls will be okay.

Because my Faith in my Heavenly Father tells me it will be.

Saturday, April 16, 2016


As I set here this morning, listening to the girls lap their oatmeal, and the birds heralding the new day, I more than realize how blessed I am.

Yes, my life is not perfect.  

Yes, I worry each and every moment about the girls and their health.  

Yes I struggle each month to just pay the bills.  

And yes I live with pain each and every day, that the doctors seem to have no explanation for. 

But, through all that, I am blessed

I wake up every morning to my girls precious faces.

I am able to get out of bed, and have a job to go to, so that I may provide for us.

I am able to visit and chat with family and loved ones.

And I have a great group of friends that are more like family that I would not trade for anything.

So, yes, I am blessed.

And if you have even half the blessings I do, you are truly blessed as well.

 ([A Psalm] of David, Maschil.) Blessed [is he whose] transgression [is] forgiven, [whose] sin [is] covered.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Loving and Kindness

On the Sundays I am scheduled to work, I do not have to go in until the early afternoon.

When I got up this morning, I was feeling a need to listen to Charles Stanley.  I listen to him from time to time, but this morning the feeling was especially strong.  So, I went to his website, and clicked on today's TV message.

And to say this sermon touched and spoke to me, is truly an understatement.  Today's sermon was about listening to and obeying the Lords counsel, and in return you will find lovingkindness all around you.  This is something that I feel I need in my life, as I work with the public, and loving and kindness are two things that are, woefully, in short demand.

I am a saved individual, and try as I might to see the good in people, have some days that really works hard to try my beliefs.  Being in the public, you are exposed to many different types of people, but the ones that seem to show themselves the most are the hateful, rude, and unfriendly types.  Sad, but very true.

After listening to Dr. Stanley, and his message that following the Lords counsel will not make things perfect, nor will it guarantee there will not be hardships, but does assure that your life will be greatly enriched, and you will find loving and kindness all around you, I have come to the decision to make a few changes in mine and the girls lives.

They will, for me and the girls, be pretty big changes, but I think we will adjust and do fine.  They are changes that are needed, and in the long run will bring the lovingkindness that Dr. Stanley spoke of closer to us....and strengthen our relationship with our Lord.

And, with that, please allow me to leave you with this:

Psalms 32: 8-11

8 I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you.

9 Do not be as the horse or as the mule which have no understanding. Whose trappings include bit and bridle to hold them in check.  Otherwise they will not come near to you

10 Many are the sorrows of the wicked.  But he trusts in the LORD, lovingkindness shall surround them.

11 Be glad in the LORD and rejoice, you righteous ones; and shout for joy, all you who are upright in heart.

Friday, April 8, 2016

April 8th....shouldn't it feel more like spring, less like winter?

As with most days this time of the season, I often find myself daydreaming about being outside.  

There is so much that needs done, and there never seems to be enough hours in the day, or days in the week to get the list checked off.  

It is usually this time of year that the spring/summer list is relocated from my brain, to an actual list on a piece of paper.  And it is that list that is used through until the fall season.  

There is never a lack of items to add to the list.  Like most I assume, the list is more often growing rather than dwindling.

Top of my list is the front storm door.  About a month and a half ago, I came home from Baby Booh's dailysis, to find our storm door hanging from the trim.  The wind had not ripped it from its hinges, but took the piece of trim it was attached to and all with it.  

My dear aunt Mary's husband, John, was nice enough to store it in his building, until I could find someone to put it back up for me.  I am hoping that it will get done this week sometime, as cousin Mike is down, and he is really a handy dandy with stuff like this :) 

We had a couple of really nice days last week, and Miss Rooh was continually sniffing under the front door.  I know she was trying to tell me to open it, so she could look out.  She is missing the storm door more than any of us.  Hopefully, when the next nice day rolls around, that problem will be fixed, and she will be able to watch her butterflies and birds once again :)

Boy oh boy, where has the time gone?

While spending this holiday Sunday with my girls, the best way to spend any day in my opinion, I thought about this blog site.  I knew I had not blogged on it in a while, but boy oh boy, I did not realize it had been THAT long.  

Since my last post, a lot has happened.  First off, we almost lost Baby Booh.  Her little kidneys were trying to shut down.  It was a long, hard road, that took almost two months, but I am happy to say that the sweet precious baby is still with us.  Here she is just the other day, enjoying some of the spring sun that was filtering through the living room window :)

It was about the same time last year, that we almost lost Miss Rooh, with the same medical condition.  Both conditions were brought on by what their doctor is positive was the same medication.  So, we are no longer giving either of them the medication, in the hopes that there will be no relapse.  So far, Miss Rooh has held strong, and I keep praying that she remains so.  And, Baby Booh is getting back to her sweet self quite quickly.

Also, since my last blog entry, I had decided to open a small shoppe out of our home.  It was right before the holidays, and I never really did get to do much with it, but I did have some sales from family and friends.  I plan on opening it back up around the 1st of May, and putting up a sign on the main road and doing some local advertising.  I really would like it to turn enough profit that I might be able to give up one of my currents jobs, and stay home with the girls.  It will take a lot of work, but I am motivated to achieve the success needed to work from home.  Any well wishing thoughts would be much appreciated :)