Wednesday, May 4, 2016

This roller coaster ride we call Mother Nature

I think the title pretty much tells it all.  HA HA!!

Mother Nature has been taking us, here at our little home on the holler, on one topsy turvy roller coaster ride this spring.  

We have not had one day, in at least two weeks, that we haven't at some point gotten rain.  It will rain, the sun will come out, it will rain, the sun will come out...back and forth we go...when it stops no one will know.  

Now, not to say my newly planted onions and carrots are not enjoying it.  It is just what they like, alternating warmth and moisture.  

But, me and the girls don't like it all that much. 

Me, because the grass has not been dry enough to mow at any time in the last two weeks, and the girls because they do not like walking around in said tall grass, tickling their undercarriage :)

But like everything on this grand earth that the Lord created, there is a plan.  

I may not understand why it rains so much preventing me from doing the outside work that is so desperate to be done, but God knows.  

He knows all, and when he is ready, he will have a talk with Mother Nature, and hopefully put her on a less roller coaster type path.

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