Saturday, May 28, 2016

The result of prayer

In the beginning of 2015, almost right after the new year, Miss Rooh got very sick, and had to be admitted to the hospital.  

It seemed her kidneys were shutting down, and not functioning any to speak of.   

Dr. Olson did not really have any idea how she would do, or if she would come out of it, but he assured me he would do his best to save my baby girl.  

I prayed day, night, and all in between that the Lord would not take Rooh from me just yet.  I told him that I could not function without her, or Baby Booh at this point in my life, and that as he very well knew, they were the reason I even soldiered through on most days.  

After 6 long days, of calling twice a day to check on her, and Baby Booh and me not knowing how to function without Miss Rooh with us, we finally got the call that Rooh could come home.  

She was not completely healed, but Dr Olson said that the rest of the healing process could be done at home.   And that he was sure she was more than out of the woods.  

Then, in early 2016, around late January, Baby Booh began suffering from the same ailment, only to a much greater extent.  

Not only was her kidneys shutting down, but her liver was as well.  

When I took her in to Dr. Olson, he had a very grave look on his face.  He said he would, again, do all he could to help my baby.

And, thus, began an 8 day long calling twice a day, to check as I did with Miss Rooh.  Only, this time around, Baby Booh was not bouncing back like Rooh had, and was actually getting worse, if possible.  

Dr Olson said he had tried all he could, and that he wasn't ready to give up on her, but to keep in mind that this time around may take longer.  I told him to do what he had to do, and that I would continue to call and check on her.

Again, I prayed day, night, and every minute in between.  I have never been much for praying for myself, I am more of the type of person who will jump at the chance to pray for others.  I do pray daily for the good health of my girls, but for myself, I do not pray.  But, like with Miss Rooh, this time I prayed from something I wanted....and Baby Booh to be healed and returned to me and Rooh.

On the seventh day, Dr Olson called me.  When I saw his number on the caller id, my heart tightened in my chest.  I just knew that he was calling with grave news.  I did not want to pick up the phone.  But I did.  And to my relief, he said that Booh was pretty much stable, but he thought she should come home, because she was getting severely depressed, and after being so sick and not eating for so long, it was taking its toll on other areas of her body.  He said he had tried everything he could to get her to eat, and she would not.  

So, the next day me and Rooh went up and got her.  The little baby was so tiny, and boney, it broke my heart.  I teared up, and Dr Olson said that she looked bad, but she was doing okay.  He said to just take her home, and get some food in her.  Once she started gaining her weight back, and after dialysis, she would be fine.  

Dialysis started out as every day, Monday-Friday for several weeks.  Then, we went to every Monday-Wednesday-Friday for a few weeks, then to once a week.  I would have to have her up there at 8am each time, and then get back in time to work at 11am.  I am not going to say it was easy, but I am also going to say that there was no doubt I would find a way to get it done.

As of today, Baby Booh has been off dialysis for 80 days.  She is holding her own, and although she has not gained near the weight back she had (and neither has her sissy Rooh), she and Rooh both seem okay.  

So, what all this leads to is this...the Lord knew that I needed my girls here with me a while longer, and through Dr Olson, made that possible.  I prayed, told him my wishes and my needs, and he met them.  He will always meet my needs, if I just ask.  I had always heard that said, but until the two very life threatening situations, had never truly known that he would.  It has strengthened my faith in ways I will never be able to express.  And, today, through my prayers, my two babies are still with me :)

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