Monday, May 30, 2016

The final planting...

The last day of above ground planting/transplanting for the month of May occurred from the 17th-25th.  I went and got the rest of my desired plants, and finished my planting on the 19th.

I had quite a bit to plant, and after work, got right to it.

In my short box, where I had planted my cucumbers, squash, and zucchini, I planted two squares of 45 day cabbage, and  eight squares of either red/yellow sweet pepper plants.  With two of the pepper plants, I included a basil plant, because after researching online, it seems that basil is of benefit to pepper plants.  

In my other short box, where I had planted 2/3's of it in mustard, I added two pie pumpkin plants, and one boston pickler cucumber plant.  I am not sure if the little cucumber plant is going to make it.  I had thought that maybe the entire box would be non productive, due to the cucumber plant and mustard not doing well.  But when I checked yesterday the pumpkin plants seemed to still be healthy.  So, we will see.

In my space left in my tall box, that I had planted my onions in, I decided to plant my Roma tomatoes.  I planted eight plants there.  I had intended to plant parsley in a couple of the squares, but could find none, and my parsley on my window sill was not looking too healthy.  I may try to salvage a few sprigs to plant, when I transplant my rosemary and my mint into containers.  I love Roma tomatoes for juicing and was tickled to find such healthy looking plants.   

I have been checking on my little gardening experiment every couple of days.  The report is as follows, as of today May 30th:

The blades on my onion plants are appearing to be turning yellow here and there.  I researched online, and have not found a definitive answer to the cause, 

Three of my cabbage plants are showing yellow leaves, and do not look well.  My aunt MoMo had told me that growing cabbage in our area can sometimes be tough, so I will just have to wait and see how they develop.

As stated before, my mustard seems to have stopped growing.  In retrospect, maybe I planted the seed too deep but I do not remember planting it any deeper than the carrots and cucumber.  The carrots are not developing any further either, but the cucumbers I planted from seed seem to be doing well.

My best looking plants, by far, are my beans.  I am of the mind if my tomatoes and my beans flourish, then I have done well.  They are the main crop for me and the girls each year.  The beans are actually getting ready to vine up the tomatoe cages I that is encouraging.

Anything that does not do well, I will have to further research this winter, and try to adjust accordingly next spring.

I will try to update here and there with pictures as the garden grows.  

So, there you have it....mine and the girls adventure into square foot gardening.  It has been hard getting it set up by ourselves, but we will have it done and ready to go for the next planting season, and each season there after.  So, not so bad when you think about it.  

I hope you have enjoyed taking the journey with us, as we have enjoyed having you along :)

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