Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Our adventure into Raised Bed Gardening

As mentioned in a previous post, me and the girls have decided to venture into raised bed gardening.  The ground around the house we live in is full of rocks, and basically hard as a rock, so tilling the dirt is not an option for us.  Thusly, raised bed gardening.

I had researched the idea of raised bed gardening for two years, at least.  And, after two years of not being able to have a garden, I finally decided to give it a try.

The first step of our grand adventure was researching the best types of wood to use for our garden boxes, as well as the best size to use.

The depth of the boxes were pretty much determined by what we were going to plant.  So, with that in mind, I decided on two 15 inch deep boxes, and two 7 1/2 inch deep boxes.

I also decided to not use any plastic or garden mesh in the bottom, so as to allow the roots the choice of going into the ground for more depth.

I had read on a site where using paper to cover the bottom would smother out any grass and weeds.  The paper would decompose, allowing the roots of the plant to stretch into the dirt below and at the same time providing more compost for the soil.

The next step was a trip to the lumber store.

I decided on using cedar boards for two reasons.  One, they would last longer than most any other board, and two, the cedar would aid in keeping various pests away.  Win-win.

The boxes I made had to be large enough to hold what we wanted to plant, yet manageable enough to be able to tend to weeds and watering.  I went with 4ft x 4ft boxes, because they would fit the requirements.

With saw, ruler, and drill in hand, I set out to put my sketched out idea into motion.

.....to be continued

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