Sunday, May 22, 2016

Executing my plan...

Okay, so I had a plan, and a general sketched out idea.  

Now I had see if the plan would work.

With my trusty tools at hand, I set out to make my sketched out idea into an honest to gosh existing idea.

As stated in my last entry, I decided on cedar boards for my garden boxes.  
I also decided that they would be 4' x 4' with two being 15" deep and the other two being 7 1/2" deep.

So, I cut my boards to length, and then with the deeper boxes, secured two boards together.

The first box I built was one of the deeper ones.  I wanted to make sure that my idea would hold up, and once I had it put together, I was pretty happy with it.

The picture below is not the final placement, just an idea of how it ended up looking.  
Just like I had imagined it would be.

I left the bottom open, and after a little research, decided to use the paper method.  
This would allow the roots to travel past the box bottom, into the existing ground if need be.

I had to wait a few days, due to rain and work, before I could do much more.

But, when the weekend came, I set to positioning my first garden box, and filling it with soil.

 Again, after much research, 
I decided to go with the mixture of:
60% top soil
30 % compost
10% either vermiculite, perlite, or peat moss

With the first box, it was a mixture of vermiculite and perlite for the 10%.  It was all I could find at the time, and it would do the job.

My box being 4' x 4' x 15" gave me approximately 32 cubic feet to be filled.  
That is ALOT of filling, but it got done.  

The picture below shows where the first box was positioned and how it appeared 
once filled with the soil. 

This is just a picture taken from another angle 
of the same garden box.

I decided to put the boxes at the back of the small room on the side of the house I reside in.

I intend to open a small shop, eventually, in said small room.  
And, there is a window on the back of the room, that overlooks the garden box area, so that I may look out there from time to time, to make sure all is proceeding as planned.

I am going to put down plastic all around all the boxes, to keep weeds to a minimum, and hope to cover the plastic with either mulch or shredded rubber.  

Still not sure which at this time. 

The next step....get the other boxes made, and ready for planting.

to be continued...

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