Saturday, May 28, 2016

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes

After waiting for several more days for my work schedule and mother nature to cooperate, I finally set out to finish by garden boxes, fill them with soil, and get to the fun part of planting.

My final count of boxes was just what I had planned...2 short and 2 tall.  Once built, placed and filled with soil, I got my handy jute out and marked off my 1 foot squares.

In my first tall box, I planted my onions and my carrots.  In hindsight, I think maybe my carrots were planted too late, because they, to this day, are not doing much.  My onions got off to a great start, but now are not doing so well either.  Again, I think I got a very late start on both of these.

This picture shows my onions when they were just a growing like crazy.  I get so tickled when I see something I have planted, do as the good Lord had intended, and begin to show life.  Just an awe inspiring thing for me.

The next picture was taken a few weeks later.  I planted my other tall box entirely of beans..I had to wait a little while, after my initial plantings, until the time the almanac said was good for above ground planting.  These are my babies bean plants sprouting (I plant beans mainly for my furry babies, because they love them so much in their dinner).  The little plants are working so hard to get through the soil and be *born*

I had decided to go ahead and place the cages that I currently had for my beans.  I use tomatoe cages, 42 inches high, for my beans to vine up.  It is a lot less work, very convenient and a handy idea I got online a few years back.  Since starting to use them, I would never use anything else.

At the same time that I planted my beans, I planted my mustard, squash, cucumbers and zucchini. In my two other short boxes.  My mustard in 2/3 of one short box, the other items shared half of the other short box My cucumbers have since gotten off a great start, my squash and zucchini struggled a little, but my mustard is not looking promising.

This is a pic of my cucumbers when they first started coming up.  Cute little rascals aren't they? LOL!!

It has been a few weeks since I took this pic of my mustard, but it looks pretty much the same.  A few little sprouts here and there...but nothing promising looking.

to be continued....

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