Saturday, May 2, 2015

Poking my head in

Just poking my head in for a quick post. 

The year started off really rocky for all three of us here, but the last month or so has been better.

We are all three looking forward to the warmer weather.
The girls so they can lay in the sun and get their Vitamin D quota :)
Me, because I am going to get to garden this year.  YAY!!  I didn't get to last year, and really missed it.

I am off for now.  Gotta work da job, but am off most of next week, so hope to get alot done around the house.

Also, I am planning on a change in my blogs, and am thinking I will condense them down to one.  
Need to figure all that out too.

Have a GREAT Saturday all, and as always me and the girls wish you a joyous and blessed day :)