Tuesday, October 27, 2015

As I set here, the only sounds are that of the low hum of my laptop, and the gentle pattering of the rain on the window.  Today is a typical fall day....grey, rainy, and very laid back.  

The girls are snuggled in, dreaming dreams I am sure of chasing squirrels and getting into general mischief.  They always tend to nap best on days we get a slow, pattering rain.  I must admit, the sounds almost make me want to nap with them.

I had wondered over the last few weeks, if I would keep posting to this blog.  I have not, in the past, been regularly posting, and thought maybe it would be best to just let it go.  But, I was on Rory Feek's blog this morning, reading of the ordeal that he and his wife Joey are going through, and their complete and unaltering faith in the good Lords plan.  

It started me thinking.  Maybe, just maybe, I could lend some type of insight, help, or smile to someone who reads this blog.  Maybe I could offer something, that to me seems mundane and trivial, but to another may be major or earth shattering.  Maybe.

I know that I will get a wealth of comfort and peace from posting and I might pass those same feelings on to others.  

Either way, I feel compelled and moved to keep posting...at least for now.  

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