Sunday, October 11, 2015

Already planning for spring :)

Self reliance and Homesteading

These are two words that have been on my mind for over a year now.

But, it seems that two very simple words, have a wealth of meaning to a lot of people.

I am on several lists online, that are geared towards these very two words, yet the individuals can not seem to agree on WHAT each word means.  To the point that they sometimes get into heated disagreements about it.

In the next few posts, I will go over how I interpret these two words.


This is something I have it in my heart to do, and I am working towards this goal.  

To me homesteading can come in many shapes and sizes...literally.  You can have a large 50 acre homestead, with all the farm animals known to man.  Or you can have a 1/2 acre homestead, and just a few farm animals.  

The latter is my goal.

I am working towards a small, 1/2 acre at the most, with a modest home situated on it.  It will be just me and my girls *Rooh and Booh*, so we won't need a lot.  

I believe the 1/2 acre would suit our needs find.  

Other than the home, I would want to raise a garden, have a small chicken coop, with 3-4 chickens, and maybe a couple of goats.  

This is to start, and then if I felt like I wanted, needed, or could adequately take care of more, then I would go from there.

To me, this is a homestead.  It doesn't necessarily have to be large, or have four gardens, two barns, and way to many animals for me to provide or care for.

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