Thursday, October 30, 2014

Busy, busy, busy..

It has been VERY busy here at the hacienda de tres chicas the last two weeks.  Me and the girls have not had a moment, let alone a whole day, to rest, relax, and have any quality time together.  I am going to try and remedy that this weekend, as I do not work on Sunday.

Miss Rooh has been enjoying the last few days of sun.  She likes to lay by the back door, where for a short period of time there is a sliver of sun, and enjoy the warmth on her back and body.  She is such a sun loving baby....always has been.

Baby Booh, although she is a sun loving baby, would rather just head back through the living room, and snuggle back in her bed, in front of the heater.  She is happy as long as she is able to keep warm and snuggled.

Since my last posting, I have gotten several other items canned and added to mine and the girls extended pantry.  Some successes, so not really fails, but not perfect either.  But, this is a learning process for me and I know I will make mistakes along the way.  I just have to keep telling my OCD side of my brain that. LOL!!

I will be trying to catch up on my blogging of the items I have canned, but since the last entry on canning, I have gotten the following done:

Mustard greens

Pears *yum* but one of my not so perfect ventures :(

And in the canner so far today...homemade chili *double yum*

I am also hoping to get my pear jelly done today, made from the boiling down of the skins, cores, etc. from the pears yesterday.  From the research I have done, it makes fabbo jelly.  

And then, maybe some time later today *if I can get everything done* I am going to attempt canning bacon, and of course more chicken breasts.

So, that is where we stand here at the hacienda de tres chicas.

As always, me and the girls wish you a happy and joyous day...rejoice in this day the Lord has made :)