Sunday, January 12, 2014

A lazy Sunday...

well, for the girls that is.  Me, I am working on valentine orders, and trying to plan out next weeks work schedule.  But, I would much rather be doing this...

But, alas, no nappy time for this tired chickie!!  I have orders to get finished so...onward ho!!

I guess I wouldn't be quite so adement about wanting a nap, if I hadn't looked out the window, and seen the MOON up already...sigh...really?

I know that the days are shorter this time of year, but this is uncalled for.  I mean, this picture was taken at 5:00p...still plenty of daylight left so just go away for a few more hours Mr. Moon...

And so, as our lazy Sunday draws to an end, and Miss Rooh is rustling around, getting ready to go outside, I guess I better get back to work.  

As always, me and the girls send prayers of a blessed day to you all :)

Friday, January 3, 2014

A visit back home to start the new year...

Day before yesterday, Wednesday, I decided to pack up the girls and head back home to Barboursville for a visit with Janice and Jebbie.

As usual, Jebbie was uber happy to see me and the girls.  He always gets so excited when he sees us, barking and twirling around...he is a sweetie :)  And, the camera loves this little baby as you can see above.

The girls brought Jebbie's belated Christmas gift on this visit, and he seemed to really like it.  It was a stocking full of all kinds of toys.  First he woolied them, then he guarded them, then he slept with them.  So, I am thinking they were a big hit :)

We woke up to snow this morning.  They were originally calling for up to three inches, but what we got *here in Barboursville* didn't even completely cover the grass.  It is now 12:15p, and the roads are about 80% clear.  So, it could have been much worse, but thankfully was not.

That is about it today.  I think Janice needs to run out for a few things, then I have to decide if I am going to stay another day, or hit the road home today.  I am leaning towards today, because I feel like I am trying to come down with something, and I don't want to give it to Janice or Jebbie.

As always, me and the girls send prayers of a blessed day to you all :)

A New Year...

...with new goals, new hopes, and new expectations.
Well, if that doesn't put the pressure on someone to succeed, I don't know what will...LOL!!!

As me and the girls start what will be our SIXTH year living on the holler, I begin the first day of the year, as I have each previous year here...I start our WISH LIST.  This LIST is birthed on the first day of the year, and is required to be finished by the end of the seventh day of the year.  I have done this each year, since moving here.  Some years, we check off quite a few things.  Last year...not so much.  But in all fairness, we had some pretty lofty goals last year, that may very well carry over into this year.  It is something that keeps me grounded, and helps me to stay focused in my goals for the year.

The girls, well they are not interested in the LIST today...they are interested in...yeah...sun worshipping.  With the first day of the new years, comes some bright, warm sun...just what the girls ordered.  Keeping them from it today will be an impossibility, so I let them enjoy it while they can.  We are supposed to get snow tomorrow evening into the next morning, so sun may be at a minimum for a while.  So, I say..soak it up babies!! 

Yesterday was a cloudy, very windy, cold day.  So, the girls spent most of the day in front of the heater.  They love this little heater *which I bought from my aunt*, because it throws the heat out the bottom, and they can lay on their blanket and still stay warm.  That is the primary reason I wanted it, because they could be more comfortable while keeping warm.  Of course, the Christmas Tree was right next to the heater, so when I worked on taking it down yesterday, they would give the stink eye every time they had to move LOL!!!

Which brings us to THIS picture.  Now that the Christmas Tree is down, there is a large, somewhat unsightly empty space in the living room.  This only means two things...the living room will now get a DEEP cleaning, and as much as it pains me *literally* will get a move around as well.  I do not look forward to this.

Well, I am off here for this post.  Things to do, and ideas to come up with :)  As always, me and the girls send prayers of a blessed day to you all :)