Sunday, January 12, 2014

A lazy Sunday...

well, for the girls that is.  Me, I am working on valentine orders, and trying to plan out next weeks work schedule.  But, I would much rather be doing this...

But, alas, no nappy time for this tired chickie!!  I have orders to get finished so...onward ho!!

I guess I wouldn't be quite so adement about wanting a nap, if I hadn't looked out the window, and seen the MOON up already...sigh...really?

I know that the days are shorter this time of year, but this is uncalled for.  I mean, this picture was taken at 5:00p...still plenty of daylight left so just go away for a few more hours Mr. Moon...

And so, as our lazy Sunday draws to an end, and Miss Rooh is rustling around, getting ready to go outside, I guess I better get back to work.  

As always, me and the girls send prayers of a blessed day to you all :)

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