Monday, September 30, 2013

The love of friends...who have become like family

Another week has come and gone, here on the holler, and a moving week it was.

With fall finally here, the weather is great for lazy, sun worshiping days on the back deck.  And, my precious girls got plenty of sun filled mornings in this week.  They would spend a few hours, each morning before I went to work, on the back porch enjoying the pretty weather, and taking in much needed fresh air.  The whole reason I had the deck built when I first came here, was for the girls.  So they could get outside and I would not have to worry so much about them when they did.

Miss Rooh has been her usual self...looking for pieces of paper so that she may shred and enjoy them.  The whole thing is that when she gets a piece of paper, and shreds it, I give her a yummy to get it away from her, so she doesn't try to swallow it.  Over the years, I think I have created a monster, because now if she wants a yummy, she starts looking for any piece of something...paper, string, money...that she can swap for a yummy.  She is really smart in that respect...she knows how to get her yummies :)

From time to time, Baby Booh gets in the mood to stay out of her cage for awhile, and this week has been that kind of week.  She has been following me around, and letting me love on her all I want.  She is such a precious baby, and like her sissy, I would not know what I would do without her.  She is my tenderhearted baby, and when I cry from time to time, she is the one that loves on me and licks my tears.  She and her sissy are totally precious :)

I worked this weekend at *da job* and on Saturday, something happened that so moved me, that I am still feeling the wonderful feeling it created.  When I went to lunch, and went into the break room, my two lovely dear friends Anita and Vena were there, to throw me a birthday party.  It was such a HUGE surprise, because my birthday wasn't for another week, and I never thought of having a party.  But, what really moved and touched me was the gift they got me, pictured above.  I really do not know of a gift more perfect for me.  I just can not express what the gift means to me, and how much I love these two ladies.  They are great friends, and great supporters.  If nothing else I gained by moving here, I gained the privilege of knowing and having both of them in my life.

Today and tomorrow, I am not scheduled at any of the jobs, so it will be days that I do what me and the girls want.  I will have to run out a time or two to town, but otherwise, it will be a family themed two days.  Well, that and housework...LOL!!!

So, I will leave you with two precious pics of my girls, and as always, me and the girls sends prayers and hopes of a blessed day to you all :)

Monday, September 23, 2013

A new day, a new season...

Well, it seems fall IS finally here.  With yesterday being the *official* first day of fall on the calendar, it seems fall is coming in bold and brave.  

Friday was the girls 11th birthday.  I requested the day off from work, so that we could just hang out, and do whatever they wanted to do.  Ever since they have been with me, I have had the tradition of making them scrambled eggs and pancakes for their birthday brunch, and this year was no different.  Here you can see them enjoying their *appetizer* of scrambled eggs with bacon bits.  They each cleaned their plates :)

And here they are enjoying the main course...pancakes complete with syrup.  They have always LOVED pancakes, and my mom got them started on them when they were just little things.  I guess you could say she started the tradition, and since she is no longer with us, I am trying to carry it on.

Miss Rooh looks like she really enjoyed hers, but Baby Booh looks like she thought there should have been more LOL!!!

I got scheduled to work *da job* this weekend, so Saturday I was sampling at our local Walmart.  I also got the priveledge to meet my friend Venas mom.  She was in town, visiting with Vena while she is on vacation this week.  I can so see where Vena gets her sweet personality and infectious smile from.  Her mom was a total delight to speak to, and she smiled the whole time.  Thank you Vena for introducing me to such a sweet, wonderful person :)

On the way home from *da job* on Saturday, I snapped this pic of the cloud formation overhead.  We have been having some really different cloud formations this year, and I have been trying to get pics of them when I see them.  Kinda eerie looking...huh?

I tried to snap a pic of the wooly worm I saw last night.  It wasn't anywhere near a good one, and you can't tell too much from it, but the wooly worm is totally black.  It is the sixth one I have seen that is totally black, and if you believe all the old wives tales, that means the entire winter is going to be a bad one.  UGH!!!


That brings us to this morning.  And, this is what me and the girls woke up to today...fog as thick as...well..pea soup!!  It can really get bad here in the holler, and up the road we have been known to have frozen fog, which I had never heard of until I lived here.  

Well, Baby Booh is nestled in, and Miss Rooh is finishing up her morning sun worshiping, so I guess I had better scoot.  Still job looking, so gonna work a little on that, then see what the day brings.  I fear it is going to bring housework...ugh!! LOL!!

As always, me and the girls send prayers and hopes of a blessed day to you all :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Today is a GRAND Day!!

Wow, did not realize it had been so long since my last post.  Although, in my defense, not much going on here except me feeling under the weather.  I have sinus/allergy issues around this time every year, and this year is proving no different.  But, Miss Rooh and Baby Booh are doing a great job taking care of me, giving me lots of smoochies and cuddles :)

And today is a GRAND day!! It is the girls 11th birthday!! YAYAYAYAY!!   Eleven years ago today the Good Lord saw fit to bring these two little miracles into this world, so that they may first be a comfort to my mother, through her illness, and then a comfort to me when I lost both my parents, and when I started my new life...with just me and the girls.  To be honest, I really don't think I would have lasted through it all, if I did not have the girls making the journey with me.  So, today is their day...we will do what they want, when they want.  And, that includes a nice big brunch of their favorite foods...pancakes and eggs.  I do so love them, and pray that they know that I do.

Tuesday was a work day at *da job* for posters.  I know it may sound like I do not like this job, but it is totally one of the best jobs I have ever held.  I go in, do my job, make my fixture look great, then leave.  I know this job will not last forever, but while I have it, I am going to continue to enjoy it :)

Tuesday night, we had one of the prettiest moons at dusk that we have had in a while.  It was the type of moon that I would have thought the local coyotes would have howled at.  But, to my disappointment, I didnt hear any :(

This was the pretty sky that blanketed the holler on Wednesday morning.  A truly pastel, cotton candy, look, with hues of blue and pink...glorious!!!  Wednesdays are the day that I work for my aunt, each week.  This was a light week on orders, which I was kind of grateful for, because it was Wednesday morning when my allergies/sinuses started making me feel bad.  I was really sluggish all morning, and when the orders were done, I came in and decided to lay down for an hour or so.  I laid down at around 12:30p and the girls woke me 6pm.  I slept the whole day away, and if you knew me, you would know I only do that kind of day time sleeping when I am sick.

I am now officially to the headache stage, and the body aches.  This is the stage I could really stand to skip, but it all goes with it.  When I got up from my *nap* Wednesday, I decided to work on some beading.  This is my work in progress, a breast cancer awareness bracelet, with the plan for matching earrings.  October is national breast cancer awareness month, and I hope to have a couple of bracelets to offer in my shoppe for this cause.  I have not lost anyone to breast cancer, but I have lost dear family members to other types of cancer.  That is why I am also planning on offering other types of awareness bracelets as well.  Keep an eye on my facebook page for announcements on when these bracelets will be available.

Yesterday was a day that was filled with job looking, and more feeling yucky.  I got a couple of orders ready and sent out in the mail, as well as writing out most of my bills for the month.  I do not like bill time...I am always so low on money and fear that it will be then that something happens, and I will be short.  But, even though that has happened more than once, I am grateful that I find a way to make it work :)
Took my Aunt Meg to Walmart last night, to get her stuff for her meals next week.  While there, of course, we had to check out the beading aisle.  Now, this aisle has not changed in its offerings for a good 6-8 months, but we both are drawn to this aisle, each time we visit the store.  I am coming to the realization that my hobby is taking on a life of its own...LOL!!!

I tried to snap a pic of the harvest moon last night, as it hovered over the holler, but this is the best I can do at night with my little camera.  There was a bit of fog, and it really gave it all an eerie appearance, which with Halloween coming, seemed quite appropriate.  Again, I did not hear any coyote howling at this moon either.

Miss Rooh has been enjoying the moving of the bird feeder to outside her window.  She loves to watch things, and there are two female cardinals that come to the feeder, several times each day, and Miss Rooh watches them like a hawk.  I move the feeder each fall, so that during the winter she has something to look at out her window.  I do think she likes it.

Well, I guess that gets you all updated up until today.

As always, me and the girls send prayers and hopes of a blessed day to you all :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday, Monday....

No doubt about it, it IS a Monday around here :(  Had planned on doing *da job* for posters, but it was raining when I got up, and forecast for more rain, and I didn't want to drive to Pikeville in the rain unless absolutely necessary--so I am a day behind this week already in my plans :(

I am going to back up a little here.  I wasn't scheduled on *da job* Saturday, so figured maybe I should get something done.  So, after beading a little while, and listing my items, I decided to get my mustard I picked the other day put up.  This is how pretty it looked, and it smelled so yummy!! I can't wait to eat it!!! LOL!!!

While I was busy putting up mustard, Miss Rooh was busy standing *guard* by the back door...which translates into soaking up the sun, and making sure Nibblet didn't come around and her not know it.  LOL!!!

Yesterday, Sunday, was the first morning this season that was so chilly, I had to turn on the little heater for the girls.

Miss Rooh, of course, is the one that *asked* for the heater to be turned on.  She just loves lying in front of it, soaking up the heat.  

Then, Baby Booh wanted some of the heat, so I let her out for a while.  I just love this pic...catches her in mid-sit!! LOL!!

I had gotten up a little earlier than necessary, so before I went to work,  I started some beading.  This was my work in progress yesterday.   I wasn't sure what I wanted it to look like, just knew I wanted a matching necklace/bracelet/earring set, to offer in my shoppe.  So, this is how it looked when I left for work yesterday, and how it looked when I started on it again this morning.  
I wish I was as great at this as my aunt.  She can set down with her beads, a string of wire, and just start beading.  She doesn't have to lay them out, like I do above, and she can make some of the prettiest jewelry I have seen.  I guess she has the *knack* for it...where as...I guess I am too particular or something.

When I got it to where I wanted it, and got it all strung and put together, this is what it looked like.  I really like how it turned out, and I was tickled I had enough beads to make the entire three piece set I wanted to make.  I will be offering it in my etsy shoppe, Hatties Attic, today, for those who would like to take a look :)

As always, me and the girls sends prayers and hopes of a blessed day to you all :) 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Baby Boohs debut...

For months, I have been trying to get Baby Booh to model my handmade Kanine Kouture items.  Miss Rooh loves to model, but Baby Booh...not so much.

First, I had to ease her into the idea.  Baby Booh has never been one for having her picture taken.  Well, not of her face that is.  I have plenty of pics of her behind, as she is running in the other direction. LOL!!!

But today I must have caught her in a *mood* because I finally got her to model some items for me.  She is a natural, just like her sissy, and I hope to have her model many more in the future.

So, without further adieu, here she is...the newest model for Kanine Kouture!!!! YAY!!!!

Here, I tested her comfort level with the close up shots.  She did fabbo!!!

And this shot is the best of them all.  She is just gorgeous!!!
I am so proud of her, and like I said, I hope she will happily model more in the future.

As always, me and the girls sends prayers and hopes of a blessed day to you all :)

Half way there....its Wednesday!!

Another week is half way gone.
And as usual, always something thats needing to be done :)

I worked *da job* for posters in Prestonsburg on Tuesday.  I knew it was going to be kinda warm, because the season is winding down, and the week had been warm so far.  But, I did not expect my windshield to read this when I came out and started my car.  Now, that is not the outside temp, that is the temp as registered on my windshield, and probably close to the temp inside the car itself.  Color me...melting...LOL!!!  

Wednesday mornings and afternoons are spent around here working for my aunt *she is the one on the right in this picture*.  She makes home-cooked meals, which she offers for sale one day a week...Wednesday.  Her customers have a choice of whether to pick them up, or have them delivered.  That is where me and her friend Lisa *she is the one on the left in this picture* come into use.  We help her get the meals ready, and then head out for deliveries.

She has been doing this for about a month and a half.  Her business has been doing really well, and this weeks offering was one of her more popular ones...chicken and dumplins...yummo!!!!

Her youngest grandchild, Landon, greeted the customers that chose to pick up their meals with his beautiful infectious smile :)

After all the deliveries were made, I ran and got me and the girls some lunch.  The only day we eat lunch out, at home, is on Wednesday.  So, this is Miss Rooh getting very tired with me taking so long to get her hamburger to her.  Her sissy, Baby Booh, is much more patient with me.  

She even tries the tactic that she is not really that much interested anymore, but I know better.  She is a true chow hound, and if there is food around, she is there...LOL!!

After lunch, I was rested up enough to get my yellow peppers put up in the freezer.  I was afraid I would wait too long *which I have done more than once :(* and they would not be worth fooling with.  So, I got them cored, rinsed and bagged up.  I decided I didn't feel like chopping them all up right now, and will just do that when I get them out to use.  I will just let them thaw a little, and chop, chop, chop.  I use peppers, green or yellow, in A LOT of my dishes.  And, the girls just love them raw :)

Baby Booh is looking sweet, as usual.  
She has her belly full and is about ready for her afternoon nap.  She has that napping down to an art :)

And, as is usual, Miss Rooh is keeping watch over us, and guarding us from the outside world.  
Love her heart, she is such a protective baby :)

As always, me and the girls send prayers and hopes of a blessed day to you all :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Time spent with family...

It seems that fall IS in the air.  Not so much during the days, which are still in the 80's and 90's around here, but definitely during the nights.  We have been down in the lower 50's a couple of times, and that is great window open sleeping weather.  On what I consider a perfect day, around five in the evening, it gets cool enough to throw open the windows, and breath in the air.  I get that from my mommy, loving the windows open, and she would open ours every chance she got :)

I got invited to *brunch* at my aunt's house on Sunday.  
I used to work every weekend, usually Thursday thru Sunday, but not so much anymore. So, since she saw me home, and we hadn't seen much of each other lately, she called down and invited me *over*.  
This is a pic of my Aunt Monica *we pronounce it Moneeka around these parts LOL*.   She is my mommies only sister, and is eight years older than mommy.  My mommy absolutely loved this woman.  I never spent much time around her growing up, and never really knew her.  But, when I fell on HARD times a few years back, she and my Uncle Lucian helped me out tremendously.  Since moving here, I have gotten to know her, and totally see why my mommy adored her so.  She is so turned like mommy, that sometimes I cry at the resemblance. 

This is aunt Monica's husband, my dear Uncle Lucian *or LuLu as I recently started calling him*.  Mom thought a lot of Uncle LuLu as well, and I have come to think of him fondly.  He is always ready with a smile for me, and always talks to me.  He can tell some really funny stories of himself, and a friend of his, growing up in the area in which me and the girls now reside.  He worked for the gas company for years, and has some really good stories from that time as well.  

This is the wonderful meal I had with my aunt and uncle.  My aunt is a REALLY good cook, and is what I consider a *health nut*.  But, there is something to be said for being one.  She is in her early 80's and can run circles around me doing chores.  She still push mows a lot of their grass on their property, and is always busy working at something.  Kinda wish I had inherited some of that energy LOL!!!  I was so tickled when I saw she had fixed her kushaw.  I never had it until I moved here, along with mustard greens, neck bones, or hominy, but I have tried them all and really like them. 

That about wraps up my Sunday, and not much happened around here on Monday, except I worked *da job* and picked me some mustard greens, yellow peppers, romas, and the last I figure picking of apples for the year :(.  

As always, me and the girls send prayers and hopes of a blessed day to you all :)