Friday, August 30, 2013

Whats new, pussycat?

First off, Rooh would be going crazy if she knew I had used the word *pussycat*.  That sets her off almost as quickly as *do you see Nibblet?*  Nibblet, by the way, is one of the holler hounds that keep Ms Rooh on her toes, and on her game.  LOL!!!

This is how my morning started today.  I was up and had gotten the girls walkies done, and had given them their good girl yummies, and was setting down to check my email.  Well, I guess Ms. Rooh didn't think that three yummies were enough this morning, so she started pouring on the charm.  It started with her setting and staring at me.  When that didn't work, she would gruff a little under her breath a time or two.  When she saw that didn't work, she pulled out the big guns, and started laying her paw on my knee, just to remind me that she was there, and that if I felt so inclined, she would not turn down a yummy.  Well, that last one worked.  To the tune of FOUR more yummies!!! Man, I am just a push over for my girls :)

I had mentioned in my post yesterday, that I had a canner on of tomato juice.   I had also mentioned that it wasn't much this year, and I would need to start buying store bought produce here and there, to make up the difference.  Well, this is the ONLY tomato juice I was able to get out of mine and the girls garden this year.  One pint, and about six 1/2 pints.  Man, that won't even last me a month when chili/soup season really kicks in.  Not to mention spaghetti nights...UGH!!!  But, since I have decided to make due the best I can, I will say that me and the girls are grateful for each and every canned item that was provided from our garden this year.  It goes without saying, every little bit helps.  
I also mentioned that I have a lot of green tomatoes, that just don't seem to want to turn.  Those are going to be my experimental subjects.  I love fried green tomatoes, but only when my mom made them, she chopped them up and put them in meal with onions and green peppers, and made them that way *making my own mouth water here LOL!!*.  So, I am going to try chopping up the green ones, and canning them, and then using them for frying when I want them.  I can't find much on this on the internet, but figure I would use the same time/pressure as canning red tomatoes, so will go with that.  I will let you know down the road how, or if this works.

I was cruising YouTube, looking for ways to can green tomatoes, and ran across a very good idea that I might use.  It seems that you are able to can ground meat, for future use in soups, chilis, spaghetti sauces, or whatever.  The process involves browning the meat *which should be 12% fat, by suggestion of the video*, and then packing it into jars and pressuring it at 10 lbs for 90 minutes.  The nice lady in the video, who goes by 255sage on YouTube, even did a comparison of her pressured ground beef, to freshly browned ground beef in tacos.  She stated the texture was the same, and the meat had the same flavor.  So, I guess this is something new to try.  First, though, for my own sanity, I will do a little more research on this before actually investing the $$, but it does sound promising.  

Well, tomorrow and the next day are work days at *what has become* the secondary job.  Used to be the primary, but not so much anymore.  Got an eight day stretch of work ahead, not completely full days, but enough time to break each day up in such a way, that it will be hard to get anything done.  So, guess I better skeedaddle, and get some work done here at the house.  The girls are taking their afternoon nap, and the house is quiet.  No better time than now to get something done.  

As always, me and the girls send hopes and prayers of a wonderful day to you all :)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Where does time go?

Well, here it is Thursday already, the last Thursday in the month of August. Where does the time go, and my does it fly.  I hadn't realized it had been almost three days since I last added an entry.  Forgive me for that.  I had a really rushed day on Tuesday, finishing up some end of the month poster visits, and then yesterday was a day and a half.  My aunt Meg Preece, who I help and work for on Wednesday, is having a very busy business right now.  Yesterday I believe was the busiest yet.  

The day started off kinda bright, but is getting cloudy now.  We were supposed to have rain yesterday, but after dark last night, lightening really lit up the sky, and a little thunder, but I never did hear or see any rain.  I am sure it rained at some time last night, because the grass going over to the garden was really wet.

I would really LOVE to get outside a little today, and get some fresh air with my girls.  But, alas, this will be what I am doing today.  I am going to try to make today and tomorrow canning days.  I have a canner on of a few pints of tomato juice right now, and will try to can some more apples later, if I don't hear the recliner call to me.  LOL!!! As with the beans, and the green peppers, this was not as good a year this year, as last year, for my romas.  That is my favorite tomato, and the juice you get is so delicious in chili and soups.  What little I got in this canning is all I have gotten this year.  I am plagued with very few tomatos coming in to begin with, and those that do, are rotting or just not wanting to turn.  I know what few beans I have gotten canned, and this little canning of tomato juice will in no way last me and the girls the winter.  So, every other week or so, I am going to try to stop at Davis' Market and buy some beans and tomatos, and put them up.  That is about my only choice.

Little Ms. Rooh has really been playing up a storm today.  She is running from window to door, to look for the holler hounds *as me and the girls refer to them :)* and dragging every toy she can out of her basket.  As evidenced of the picture above, she knows how to drag them out, but has yet to get the hang of putting them back up.  Ah well...

The poor Rooh was having such fun, until I started the 10 minute venting of the canner.  She does NOT like the sounds and noises the canner makes, so she will almost always head to her favorite safe spot...her cage.  You can tell by the look on her face, she is not liking the noises she is hearing.  She always lays down, but never quite gets to sleep.  She always keeps one eye peeled, in case that mean ol canner tries to sneak up on her.  LOL!!

Now, her little sissy Booh is another thing altogether.  You have heard the saying *can sleep through a hurricane*?  Well, I don't know about a hurricane, but when we had tornadoes come through the area in March of 2012, and some touching down very near to us, little Booh slept through it all.  That baby was a born napper, and could make it an Olympic sport if given the chance.  LOL!!  But, boy howdy, when she rolls out you know it.  It is then that everything you do has to revolve around, or involve her.  She is such a character!!

Well, the timer just went off, and the canner is starting to cool down.  I guess I will surf a little, check some email, and then get to work on more canning.   I have an eight day stretch of only evenings to do anything coming up, and I know it will be too hard to get much done, so I am trying to get what I can done the next two days.  Onward and they say :)

Me and the girls send prayers and hopes of a blessed day to you all :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

And so, another week begins...

Well, another week has began, and as you can see above, Rooh is up and and at it in true form.  She has already talked me out of six yummies this morning, torn up one toy, and found something to bark at and assert her domain over.  I'd say it has been a good Monday already for her :)

Me, on the other hand, have not even started my work day yet.  I am scheduled to do my secondary job *which is becoming more of my primary job lately* and will be stocking posters in your friendly neighborhood Walmarts in Eastern KY today.  I really like this job, have had it for a little over a year now, and it is great.  My boss is great as well, and is a no-nonsense kind of person, which is what I really like about him.  I have only met him once, but hope to get to meet him again really soon.

I had planned on yesterday being a *lazy day* for me and the girls, but it didn't work out that way.  I ended up canning some green beans, the last I figure from our garden this year.  It was not a very good year for us and beans this year.  The bugs ate much more than we are going to eat, and the ones that I did get canned, I had to carve on them a lot to even use them.  Between the green beans, tomatoes and green peppers, this was not a very productive year in our garden.  But, we are all three grateful for what we did get, and will enjoy it very much.  I am hoping to be able to by some green beans at the local Davis Market in Paintsville, to help supplement the pints I already have done.  

Next up on my list, when I get back from *da job* today, will be to start on canning more apples.  My aunt has three apple trees in her yard, and they have been covered in apples this year.  I have canned a few already, but got a little heavy handed on the syrup.  So, those will have to be used for cobblers.  And, I tried my hand at a little bit of applesauce...I loved the way it turned out.  Now, I am going to can some more apples, only not in such heavy syrup this time.  

After the apples, I still have tomatoes to get put up *a few anyways*, some yellow peppers, and some sweet onions.  I am trying to can this year, instead of freezing much.  The electric here is so unreliable so often, and last year I lost some stuff, so I am not going to freeze unless I absolutely have to this year.  

I guess I should be getting ready for work.  I will leave you with these beautiful pictures of my darling baby Booh, enjoying the sun on our deck.  She is very camera shy, and it is hard to snap a pic of her, and her not know it.  But for some reason, she was in a pic taking mood this morning.  Enjoy all, and from me and the girls, have a wonderful Monday :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Beautiful day...reflecting on friends

Woke up to such a beautiful, cool, brisk morning here on the holler.  The sun was bright, the birds were singing such a merry tune, and my girls were bright eyed and waggy tailed.  They have already been out for their morning walkies, and have had their yummies for being good girls on that walk, and now Booh is nestled in for her mid morning nap, and Rooh is on duty keeping the house secure and safe *aka looking out the window and doors for anyone and anything to fuss at LOL!!*

Usually I work my main job, as an Event Specialist at the Paintsville Walmart on Sundays, but I am off today, and get to spend this gloriously wonderful Sunday with the most important beings in my baby girls.  I would much rather spend time with them, than with most people I know.  There are a few exceptions of course.  Those being my very dear friends I have made on my job.  They are Walmart employees, and some of the sweetest, most tender-hearted, trustworthy people I have met since moving here five years ago.  I am always looking to move back home, and when I do, these are the people I will miss the most.

This is one of two people I consider more than best friends.  This is Anita Carolyn, or AC as I call her, and she is the Lead in the Jewelry department at our Walmart.  The one thing that brought me and AC together as friends, was the show Supernatural.  We both love it.  She is a Dean fan, which I pick on her about ALL the time, and I am loyal to Castiel.  We are both fans of Crowley as well.  We try to have lunch together each day that we both work, and that lunch is filled with laughter and silliness...just as it should be.  We have had our serious talks as well, and she will always be treasured for listening to me go on and on.  I count her, and her family, as very dear to me, and would not have traded my time knowing her for anything.  She is one of the few people that makes me glad that I decided to stay here in Eastern Kentucky for as long as I have.  Love ya AC!!!

This is my other more than best friend....Vena,  I don't remember, in my four years at our store, a time when I didn't see Vena going full tilt at her job.  She is 12 years older than me, and has 20 times more energy than me.  She is always smiling, always kind, and if you get her to laughing hard enough, she will actually snort...which tickles me and AC to death!! LOL!!  Vena tends to be very protective of me, kinda like a big sister, and for that I love her to pieces.  She is so funny, and like AC always has a friendly smile to greet you with.  Vena took time out of her Sunday one day, to come and watch me get baptized.  That was well before we got to be as close of friends as we are now.  It touched me very much that she attended, and I will always love and remember her for that. 

This is Denise.  She is one of the kindest people in the store, and is the DM of the Bakery.  I don't know of anyone in the store that is not fond of her, and for good reason.  Denise always has a smile for you, and a sympathetic ear.  She is very compassionate, and I am so grateful to have gotten to be one of those individuals that knows her.  

This is Jewel, or as I call her Jewelsy!! As her name indicates, she has a bright, glimmering soul.  Jewelsy has been through alot in her life, but she has not let that get her down.  And, for that I admire and am in awe of her.  She is always friendly, smiling, and just down right pleasant.  She is a cashier at our Walmart, and has been with them over 15 years.  They are very fortunate to have her represent their company on their front lines.  I love her to pieces as well!!!

This is Linda, and she works in the Connections department of our Walmart.  She is the one that gets all the t's crossed and i's dotted for you to get your new cellphone at Walmart.  She is a hoot as well!! She has gotten used to calling me *trouble* although, I think she is confusing me with someone else *snort*.  LOL!!!  From time to time, she gets her lunch when the rest of us do, and she will come sit with us.  We pick on her for not talking much, because she has her head buried in her phone, due to her *addiction* to the Candy Crush game.  I always look forward to her having lunch with us, and laughing and joking with us as well.

There are many more people that I have met, both customers and associates, that have made my work as an Event Specialist a pleasure to look forward to.  Most days, more than not, that is why I stay with the company anymore is to see these people, and share a smile and a laugh with them.  There will come a day, that I will no longer get to see them, and I hope that they remember me as lovingly and fondly as I will always remember them.  They have each, in their own way, given me sweet memories to take with me wherever life leads me, and the girls.  And for that, I can not say THANK YOU so much enough :)

A new dawn

Whenever I think of starting a blog, one that I will actually keep up with, one that I will enjoy and be excited to post new thoughts and happenings to, I always talk myself out of it.  I tell myself "you won't keep it up" or "you will get bored".
But, the other day I had an epiphany, if you will.
I realized that I needed to get back to "my roots"---back to my painting and my crafting, and my general talking on and on about nothing.
I already do the talking part to my girls, but being the furry babies that they are, they just look at me, wag their tails in acknowledgment, then go about their business.  LOL!!!
I have tried in the past to do blogs on my business or items I had for sale, but those kinda fizzled out :(  That, I think in part is what put me off to blogs, and why they never held up.
But, I decided to give this blog a more generic name, and thusly opening it up to a world of areas of discussion.  With the name *Holler Happenings* I could just post about anything.  Business, personal, the girls, the weather, or just my whimsical thoughts at the moment.  I am not locked into anything, or any topic, and I can just post "on the fly".
So, with that said (told you had a gift for talking on and on about nothing!! LOL!!) I am going to give this blogging one more chance.  I really am hoping that this works out as well as I hope it will, and that you will enjoy the journey along with me.
 Feel free to join in and make comments, or ask questions.  I can't guarantee that I will have an answer, but I will do my darnedest to meander my way through to one :)