Saturday, October 12, 2013

Oh my stars...

...has it really been THAT long since my last post?  I am so sorry.  I guess I kinda got swept up in everyday life, and the days got away from me.  With that said, to keep it from being so long, I will try to break this past week into two posts :)

My week, as all my days do, start off with my girls.  They are the last precious visions I see when I go to bed at night, and the first bright eyes I see when I get up.  Miss Rooh loves laying in my computer chair, and usually takes up squatters rights each time I get up.  She just loves it.  So, I thought I would snap a pic of how she looks in it.  She is just beautiful :)  I wanted to get a pic of Baby Booh, but she was not in the pic taking mood, and wanted to sleep.  So, I left her alone.

Although it is definitely fall here in the appalachian mountains, the trees aren't so sure.  Some have started their yearly change, but others are hanging in to the last moment.  I figure it will not be a vibrant, shocking change of colors this year.  Although, some have turned a deep red that is absolutely beautiful.  

The girls are getting in as much sun worshipping and deck time as they can, before the winter gets here.  I don't let them on the deck much in the winter, due to them getting cold so easy.  So, they are trying to cram it all in now :)

My birthday was this past Sunday, and my aunt took me to Giovannis for brunch.  I ate off of their buffet bar, the first time I have had a chance to.  It was pretty good.  I order take out from there from time to time, but might go back once and again for the buffet.

With fall weather here, that means it is getting to be shorter days, and night is coming on earlier.  It won't be long until it is dark around 6:00p here in the holler.  Which for me, is not a real biggie.  But for Baby Booh...she thinks as soon as it gets dark out, it is time for bed.  This is the scene every night this past week, around 7:45p.  She starts with the wanting to go to bed.  Love her heart..she is a cuddler and a napper..that is for sure :)

Now Miss Rooh, she can keep going all night long if you let her.  She is my early rising baby.  Personally, I think it all stems from her being afraid she may miss something going on.  LOL!!

I think I will end this entry here, in the interest of not making it too long.  I will try to post again before the weekend is over, to finish it all up.  As always, me and the girls send prayers of a blessed day to you all :)

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