Monday, September 23, 2013

A new day, a new season...

Well, it seems fall IS finally here.  With yesterday being the *official* first day of fall on the calendar, it seems fall is coming in bold and brave.  

Friday was the girls 11th birthday.  I requested the day off from work, so that we could just hang out, and do whatever they wanted to do.  Ever since they have been with me, I have had the tradition of making them scrambled eggs and pancakes for their birthday brunch, and this year was no different.  Here you can see them enjoying their *appetizer* of scrambled eggs with bacon bits.  They each cleaned their plates :)

And here they are enjoying the main course...pancakes complete with syrup.  They have always LOVED pancakes, and my mom got them started on them when they were just little things.  I guess you could say she started the tradition, and since she is no longer with us, I am trying to carry it on.

Miss Rooh looks like she really enjoyed hers, but Baby Booh looks like she thought there should have been more LOL!!!

I got scheduled to work *da job* this weekend, so Saturday I was sampling at our local Walmart.  I also got the priveledge to meet my friend Venas mom.  She was in town, visiting with Vena while she is on vacation this week.  I can so see where Vena gets her sweet personality and infectious smile from.  Her mom was a total delight to speak to, and she smiled the whole time.  Thank you Vena for introducing me to such a sweet, wonderful person :)

On the way home from *da job* on Saturday, I snapped this pic of the cloud formation overhead.  We have been having some really different cloud formations this year, and I have been trying to get pics of them when I see them.  Kinda eerie looking...huh?

I tried to snap a pic of the wooly worm I saw last night.  It wasn't anywhere near a good one, and you can't tell too much from it, but the wooly worm is totally black.  It is the sixth one I have seen that is totally black, and if you believe all the old wives tales, that means the entire winter is going to be a bad one.  UGH!!!


That brings us to this morning.  And, this is what me and the girls woke up to today...fog as thick as...well..pea soup!!  It can really get bad here in the holler, and up the road we have been known to have frozen fog, which I had never heard of until I lived here.  

Well, Baby Booh is nestled in, and Miss Rooh is finishing up her morning sun worshiping, so I guess I had better scoot.  Still job looking, so gonna work a little on that, then see what the day brings.  I fear it is going to bring housework...ugh!! LOL!!

As always, me and the girls send prayers and hopes of a blessed day to you all :)

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  1. I saw two of those worms this morning when I was taking Suzy out. I almost stepped on the first one.