Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Time spent with family...

It seems that fall IS in the air.  Not so much during the days, which are still in the 80's and 90's around here, but definitely during the nights.  We have been down in the lower 50's a couple of times, and that is great window open sleeping weather.  On what I consider a perfect day, around five in the evening, it gets cool enough to throw open the windows, and breath in the air.  I get that from my mommy, loving the windows open, and she would open ours every chance she got :)

I got invited to *brunch* at my aunt's house on Sunday.  
I used to work every weekend, usually Thursday thru Sunday, but not so much anymore. So, since she saw me home, and we hadn't seen much of each other lately, she called down and invited me *over*.  
This is a pic of my Aunt Monica *we pronounce it Moneeka around these parts LOL*.   She is my mommies only sister, and is eight years older than mommy.  My mommy absolutely loved this woman.  I never spent much time around her growing up, and never really knew her.  But, when I fell on HARD times a few years back, she and my Uncle Lucian helped me out tremendously.  Since moving here, I have gotten to know her, and totally see why my mommy adored her so.  She is so turned like mommy, that sometimes I cry at the resemblance. 

This is aunt Monica's husband, my dear Uncle Lucian *or LuLu as I recently started calling him*.  Mom thought a lot of Uncle LuLu as well, and I have come to think of him fondly.  He is always ready with a smile for me, and always talks to me.  He can tell some really funny stories of himself, and a friend of his, growing up in the area in which me and the girls now reside.  He worked for the gas company for years, and has some really good stories from that time as well.  

This is the wonderful meal I had with my aunt and uncle.  My aunt is a REALLY good cook, and is what I consider a *health nut*.  But, there is something to be said for being one.  She is in her early 80's and can run circles around me doing chores.  She still push mows a lot of their grass on their property, and is always busy working at something.  Kinda wish I had inherited some of that energy LOL!!!  I was so tickled when I saw she had fixed her kushaw.  I never had it until I moved here, along with mustard greens, neck bones, or hominy, but I have tried them all and really like them. 

That about wraps up my Sunday, and not much happened around here on Monday, except I worked *da job* and picked me some mustard greens, yellow peppers, romas, and the last I figure picking of apples for the year :(.  

As always, me and the girls send prayers and hopes of a blessed day to you all :)

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