Monday, September 30, 2013

The love of friends...who have become like family

Another week has come and gone, here on the holler, and a moving week it was.

With fall finally here, the weather is great for lazy, sun worshiping days on the back deck.  And, my precious girls got plenty of sun filled mornings in this week.  They would spend a few hours, each morning before I went to work, on the back porch enjoying the pretty weather, and taking in much needed fresh air.  The whole reason I had the deck built when I first came here, was for the girls.  So they could get outside and I would not have to worry so much about them when they did.

Miss Rooh has been her usual self...looking for pieces of paper so that she may shred and enjoy them.  The whole thing is that when she gets a piece of paper, and shreds it, I give her a yummy to get it away from her, so she doesn't try to swallow it.  Over the years, I think I have created a monster, because now if she wants a yummy, she starts looking for any piece of something...paper, string, money...that she can swap for a yummy.  She is really smart in that respect...she knows how to get her yummies :)

From time to time, Baby Booh gets in the mood to stay out of her cage for awhile, and this week has been that kind of week.  She has been following me around, and letting me love on her all I want.  She is such a precious baby, and like her sissy, I would not know what I would do without her.  She is my tenderhearted baby, and when I cry from time to time, she is the one that loves on me and licks my tears.  She and her sissy are totally precious :)

I worked this weekend at *da job* and on Saturday, something happened that so moved me, that I am still feeling the wonderful feeling it created.  When I went to lunch, and went into the break room, my two lovely dear friends Anita and Vena were there, to throw me a birthday party.  It was such a HUGE surprise, because my birthday wasn't for another week, and I never thought of having a party.  But, what really moved and touched me was the gift they got me, pictured above.  I really do not know of a gift more perfect for me.  I just can not express what the gift means to me, and how much I love these two ladies.  They are great friends, and great supporters.  If nothing else I gained by moving here, I gained the privilege of knowing and having both of them in my life.

Today and tomorrow, I am not scheduled at any of the jobs, so it will be days that I do what me and the girls want.  I will have to run out a time or two to town, but otherwise, it will be a family themed two days.  Well, that and housework...LOL!!!

So, I will leave you with two precious pics of my girls, and as always, me and the girls sends prayers and hopes of a blessed day to you all :)

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