Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday, Monday....

No doubt about it, it IS a Monday around here :(  Had planned on doing *da job* for posters, but it was raining when I got up, and forecast for more rain, and I didn't want to drive to Pikeville in the rain unless absolutely necessary--so I am a day behind this week already in my plans :(

I am going to back up a little here.  I wasn't scheduled on *da job* Saturday, so figured maybe I should get something done.  So, after beading a little while, and listing my items, I decided to get my mustard I picked the other day put up.  This is how pretty it looked, and it smelled so yummy!! I can't wait to eat it!!! LOL!!!

While I was busy putting up mustard, Miss Rooh was busy standing *guard* by the back door...which translates into soaking up the sun, and making sure Nibblet didn't come around and her not know it.  LOL!!!

Yesterday, Sunday, was the first morning this season that was so chilly, I had to turn on the little heater for the girls.

Miss Rooh, of course, is the one that *asked* for the heater to be turned on.  She just loves lying in front of it, soaking up the heat.  

Then, Baby Booh wanted some of the heat, so I let her out for a while.  I just love this pic...catches her in mid-sit!! LOL!!

I had gotten up a little earlier than necessary, so before I went to work,  I started some beading.  This was my work in progress yesterday.   I wasn't sure what I wanted it to look like, just knew I wanted a matching necklace/bracelet/earring set, to offer in my shoppe.  So, this is how it looked when I left for work yesterday, and how it looked when I started on it again this morning.  
I wish I was as great at this as my aunt.  She can set down with her beads, a string of wire, and just start beading.  She doesn't have to lay them out, like I do above, and she can make some of the prettiest jewelry I have seen.  I guess she has the *knack* for it...where as...I guess I am too particular or something.

When I got it to where I wanted it, and got it all strung and put together, this is what it looked like.  I really like how it turned out, and I was tickled I had enough beads to make the entire three piece set I wanted to make.  I will be offering it in my etsy shoppe, Hatties Attic, today, for those who would like to take a look :)

As always, me and the girls sends prayers and hopes of a blessed day to you all :) 

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