Monday, September 2, 2013

Laboring...on labor day

The one day a year, when we are NOT supposed to labor, and I am laboring away.  LOL!!!
Got the girls up bright and early, with plans of a lot to get done today.  Probably more than I can get done, but that is okay.  There is always another day. 

Miss Rooh was ready to go *as usual* but...

Baby Booh was not liking the idea of both rising early AND working...and she gave me the *the look* to make sure I knew that.  LOL!!

So, told the girls that we need to get to work on moving stuff.  Miss Rooh decided she wanted to help, and moved this very heavy, very pesky piece of paper.  My little helper :)


I decided last evening, since I was not working either of *da jobs* today, I would labor away at the hacienda.  The top project on my list *and has been for several weeks* was to straighten and reorganize my *studio* area.  I have a VERY limited amount of space to work in, due to my rental being only 24 x 24.  This is really a more than adequate sized place, since it is just me and my girls.  And, one thing I have learned, in my nearly five years here, is that space is at a premium, and I try my best to use it wisely.

So, the two pics above show the *before* task that I had before me.  I wasn't really sure how I wanted the area to look, or be organized when I was done, so I just jumped right in and started.  I worked on this about three hours, due to the fact that Miss Rooh was not feeling well today *tummy problems* and I had to stop every so often to attend to her, or just love on her.  She stepped my every step, and kept reminding me that she was trying to help all along the way.  She is the most *baby* like of my two girls, and when she is feeling puney, she wants lots of lovin.

This is the area that needed the most work.  I had to try to figure out a way to arrange it, in such a method, that I would not go crazy looking for stuff, or a place to store items out of the way when not in use.  I love, love, love this storage organizer.  I had debated and debated on buying it a few months back, because I knew I loved it, but the prices of it online were always close to $90.  But, no matter how much I loved it, or how much use I thought I could get out of it, I could not justify spending that amount of money on it.  Then, I was in Hazard doing one of my merchandising visits one day, and the Walmart had one left, for only $35!! I snatched it up and never looked back.  LOL!!!

I decided to put the sewing machine on the table here, and when I need it, just simply move it over to my main work table.  It takes up quite a bit of space, and I feel this way it is always handy, yet not in the way.   I organized the mound of fabric *shown on this table previously* in a box with a lid, and have it stored under my main work table.  That way, it will remain dust free and within reach whenever inspiration strikes :)

This is the main work table.  I have ALOT more space to work, and do what I want, than I had before.  I moved my OTT Lite down to the end, and better organized my items on my riser shelf.  Once I get my bracelets that are hanging on the mug tree photographed, and listed, I will be able to dedicate that space to something else.  I always keep my small mannequin bust on my work table, because it belonged to my mommy, and she hung her necklaces on it.  I feel like she is watching over me when I work, with it there.  I am sure some will find that analogy silly, but I find it comforting

So, after three hours, my work space was finally organized, and ready  LOL!!  Miss Rooh, who hung in the whole time, was pretty much tuckered out, and ready for her early afternoon nap.  She made it clear that there would be NO dusting for a while, as she took up residence on my dusting mitt *that purple piece she is lying on and guarding*.

So, I have now tucked both girls into their cages, and have turned off any noises, other than the fans and A/C.  They are settling in for their naps, and will hopefully get at least an hour or two in.  I will work on some more computer stuff, then maybe do some light housework, that won't interrupt the girls.  All in all, I believe it has been a very productive day so far, and anything else achieved today is just icing on the cake :)

As always, me and the girls send prayers and hopes of a blessed day to you all :)

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