Sunday, September 8, 2013

Is Fall Finally Here?

Although there are many things that me and the girls share a love of...napping, lounging, sleeping, and chocolate *LOL!!* the one thing that we absolutely all three LOVE is fall weather.  And I do believe fall is finally here.  The shorter days and crisp cools night are great, but I do dread what comes next....snow and cold...brrrrrr.  I saw a wooly worm yesterday, that was totally black, and if you want to believe old wives tales, that is an indicator for a VERY long, VERY bad winter.  I surely hope not!!

Baby Booh is already feeling MUCH better.  Her ear is not nearly as red, and she is not shaking her head nearly as much.  I just love this pic I snapped of her this morning.  The light on her face is just wonderful, and she is showing just a little bit of her pertie pearls.

This pic of Miss Rooh this morning shows her doing what she loves most...sunbathing.  She has been a sun loving girl since day one, and if there is the slightest bit of a sliver of sun, she will find it, and claim it.  Sundays spent in the sun is one of her favorite past times.

Baby Booh was still sleepy when I snapped the other pic, and after a little while, she reminds me she is ready to go back to bed.  She walks over to the bedroom door, which I keep gated, and just gives me *the look*.  So, I moved both their cages into the living room, so they can be with me today, and she is resting and sleeping comfortably.  She is going to be really mad in about 15 minutes, when I wake her up to have her ear meds put in.

Miss Rooh is so opposite Baby Booh.  She will not wait for you to *allow* her to go back to bed, she will find a spot and make herself comfy.  As shown here in the recliner.  She just stretches out and claims it for her own.

Walmart #1233 in Paintsville KY is ready for fall.  They finished their FallFest display yesterday, and I was set up near it, so I asked Scott Cantrell, the DM if I could take a pic and put it on my blog.  He said sure :)  There is a little bit of everything...indian corn, caramels, fall flowers, apple cider and apple crisp mix.

But, the one item, I am sure most will agree, is the TRUE sign of fall is the Caramel Apples.  Although I like mine just plain caramel, this display features mostly ones with nuts on them.  There are even some with chocolate chips mixed in with the nuts.  Never had seen that before.  

They also have some of the prettiest fall inspired flowers.  I love these!! The colors are great, and really put me in the fall mood.  

On the way home from work, I stopped at Davis' Market, to snap a few pics of their fall goodies.  They had their pumpkins in, and lined up into rows.  They really looked great this way, and they stood as sentries heralding that fall was finally here.

And the mums were there as well.  

Well, I better wrap this post up.  Seems that Miss Rooh is awake from her *Jack* nap, and she will be looking for her breakfast.  And, Baby Boohs ears need to be medicated, so I better get on that as well.  I am not scheduled at *da job* today, and other than running into town for an item or two, I will be spending my Sunday with my place I would rather be :)

As always, me and the girls send prayers and hopes of a blessed day to you all :)

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