Friday, September 13, 2013

Half way there....its Wednesday!!

Another week is half way gone.
And as usual, always something thats needing to be done :)

I worked *da job* for posters in Prestonsburg on Tuesday.  I knew it was going to be kinda warm, because the season is winding down, and the week had been warm so far.  But, I did not expect my windshield to read this when I came out and started my car.  Now, that is not the outside temp, that is the temp as registered on my windshield, and probably close to the temp inside the car itself.  Color me...melting...LOL!!!  

Wednesday mornings and afternoons are spent around here working for my aunt *she is the one on the right in this picture*.  She makes home-cooked meals, which she offers for sale one day a week...Wednesday.  Her customers have a choice of whether to pick them up, or have them delivered.  That is where me and her friend Lisa *she is the one on the left in this picture* come into use.  We help her get the meals ready, and then head out for deliveries.

She has been doing this for about a month and a half.  Her business has been doing really well, and this weeks offering was one of her more popular ones...chicken and dumplins...yummo!!!!

Her youngest grandchild, Landon, greeted the customers that chose to pick up their meals with his beautiful infectious smile :)

After all the deliveries were made, I ran and got me and the girls some lunch.  The only day we eat lunch out, at home, is on Wednesday.  So, this is Miss Rooh getting very tired with me taking so long to get her hamburger to her.  Her sissy, Baby Booh, is much more patient with me.  

She even tries the tactic that she is not really that much interested anymore, but I know better.  She is a true chow hound, and if there is food around, she is there...LOL!!

After lunch, I was rested up enough to get my yellow peppers put up in the freezer.  I was afraid I would wait too long *which I have done more than once :(* and they would not be worth fooling with.  So, I got them cored, rinsed and bagged up.  I decided I didn't feel like chopping them all up right now, and will just do that when I get them out to use.  I will just let them thaw a little, and chop, chop, chop.  I use peppers, green or yellow, in A LOT of my dishes.  And, the girls just love them raw :)

Baby Booh is looking sweet, as usual.  
She has her belly full and is about ready for her afternoon nap.  She has that napping down to an art :)

And, as is usual, Miss Rooh is keeping watch over us, and guarding us from the outside world.  
Love her heart, she is such a protective baby :)

As always, me and the girls send prayers and hopes of a blessed day to you all :)

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