Friday, September 13, 2013

Baby Boohs debut...

For months, I have been trying to get Baby Booh to model my handmade Kanine Kouture items.  Miss Rooh loves to model, but Baby Booh...not so much.

First, I had to ease her into the idea.  Baby Booh has never been one for having her picture taken.  Well, not of her face that is.  I have plenty of pics of her behind, as she is running in the other direction. LOL!!!

But today I must have caught her in a *mood* because I finally got her to model some items for me.  She is a natural, just like her sissy, and I hope to have her model many more in the future.

So, without further adieu, here she is...the newest model for Kanine Kouture!!!! YAY!!!!

Here, I tested her comfort level with the close up shots.  She did fabbo!!!

And this shot is the best of them all.  She is just gorgeous!!!
I am so proud of her, and like I said, I hope she will happily model more in the future.

As always, me and the girls sends prayers and hopes of a blessed day to you all :)

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