Friday, September 6, 2013

Allergies and the Girls...

The girls have always suffered from seasonal allergies in the spring and not so much in the fall.  Well, the weather has been so wonky this year, that they got a double dose...spring and fall...and fall is proving to be a lot harder on them than spring.    

This is Baby Boohs ear.
She and her sissy, Miss Rooh, have been shaking their heads from time to time, and sneezing and coughing.  I have been giving them benadryl, hoping to nip it in the bud, but I guess not.  So, I get home from work on Tuesday, and this what I find.  Since I got home around 4pm, and the ER doesn't open until 7pm, my little girl was in some real misery.  But, like the trooper she is, she pushed through.  So, at 7pm I call the ER, tell them the situation, and they tell me to run her in.  I load up the girls *cause I never leave one alone at home....neither have never been without the other, except when they had their spayings* and head to Huntington.  

We get there and have to wait a little while.  There are two really bad little babies in front of us, so we are patient and wait.  We finally get in to see the doctor, find out it is indeed infected, and are given some meds for it.  Twice a day, in each ear, for 10 days. 

 I am going to put it in Miss Roohs ears *should be fun LOL!!* as well, since she is shaking her head a lot.  I am sure, if she could, this is what she would do...offer me money to not put anything in her ears.  Love her heart :)

I am just grateful I have something that seems to be giving them some relief.  

As always, me and the girls send prayers and hopes of a blessed day to you all :)

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