Thursday, August 29, 2013

Where does time go?

Well, here it is Thursday already, the last Thursday in the month of August. Where does the time go, and my does it fly.  I hadn't realized it had been almost three days since I last added an entry.  Forgive me for that.  I had a really rushed day on Tuesday, finishing up some end of the month poster visits, and then yesterday was a day and a half.  My aunt Meg Preece, who I help and work for on Wednesday, is having a very busy business right now.  Yesterday I believe was the busiest yet.  

The day started off kinda bright, but is getting cloudy now.  We were supposed to have rain yesterday, but after dark last night, lightening really lit up the sky, and a little thunder, but I never did hear or see any rain.  I am sure it rained at some time last night, because the grass going over to the garden was really wet.

I would really LOVE to get outside a little today, and get some fresh air with my girls.  But, alas, this will be what I am doing today.  I am going to try to make today and tomorrow canning days.  I have a canner on of a few pints of tomato juice right now, and will try to can some more apples later, if I don't hear the recliner call to me.  LOL!!! As with the beans, and the green peppers, this was not as good a year this year, as last year, for my romas.  That is my favorite tomato, and the juice you get is so delicious in chili and soups.  What little I got in this canning is all I have gotten this year.  I am plagued with very few tomatos coming in to begin with, and those that do, are rotting or just not wanting to turn.  I know what few beans I have gotten canned, and this little canning of tomato juice will in no way last me and the girls the winter.  So, every other week or so, I am going to try to stop at Davis' Market and buy some beans and tomatos, and put them up.  That is about my only choice.

Little Ms. Rooh has really been playing up a storm today.  She is running from window to door, to look for the holler hounds *as me and the girls refer to them :)* and dragging every toy she can out of her basket.  As evidenced of the picture above, she knows how to drag them out, but has yet to get the hang of putting them back up.  Ah well...

The poor Rooh was having such fun, until I started the 10 minute venting of the canner.  She does NOT like the sounds and noises the canner makes, so she will almost always head to her favorite safe spot...her cage.  You can tell by the look on her face, she is not liking the noises she is hearing.  She always lays down, but never quite gets to sleep.  She always keeps one eye peeled, in case that mean ol canner tries to sneak up on her.  LOL!!

Now, her little sissy Booh is another thing altogether.  You have heard the saying *can sleep through a hurricane*?  Well, I don't know about a hurricane, but when we had tornadoes come through the area in March of 2012, and some touching down very near to us, little Booh slept through it all.  That baby was a born napper, and could make it an Olympic sport if given the chance.  LOL!!  But, boy howdy, when she rolls out you know it.  It is then that everything you do has to revolve around, or involve her.  She is such a character!!

Well, the timer just went off, and the canner is starting to cool down.  I guess I will surf a little, check some email, and then get to work on more canning.   I have an eight day stretch of only evenings to do anything coming up, and I know it will be too hard to get much done, so I am trying to get what I can done the next two days.  Onward and they say :)

Me and the girls send prayers and hopes of a blessed day to you all :)

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