Friday, August 30, 2013

Whats new, pussycat?

First off, Rooh would be going crazy if she knew I had used the word *pussycat*.  That sets her off almost as quickly as *do you see Nibblet?*  Nibblet, by the way, is one of the holler hounds that keep Ms Rooh on her toes, and on her game.  LOL!!!

This is how my morning started today.  I was up and had gotten the girls walkies done, and had given them their good girl yummies, and was setting down to check my email.  Well, I guess Ms. Rooh didn't think that three yummies were enough this morning, so she started pouring on the charm.  It started with her setting and staring at me.  When that didn't work, she would gruff a little under her breath a time or two.  When she saw that didn't work, she pulled out the big guns, and started laying her paw on my knee, just to remind me that she was there, and that if I felt so inclined, she would not turn down a yummy.  Well, that last one worked.  To the tune of FOUR more yummies!!! Man, I am just a push over for my girls :)

I had mentioned in my post yesterday, that I had a canner on of tomato juice.   I had also mentioned that it wasn't much this year, and I would need to start buying store bought produce here and there, to make up the difference.  Well, this is the ONLY tomato juice I was able to get out of mine and the girls garden this year.  One pint, and about six 1/2 pints.  Man, that won't even last me a month when chili/soup season really kicks in.  Not to mention spaghetti nights...UGH!!!  But, since I have decided to make due the best I can, I will say that me and the girls are grateful for each and every canned item that was provided from our garden this year.  It goes without saying, every little bit helps.  
I also mentioned that I have a lot of green tomatoes, that just don't seem to want to turn.  Those are going to be my experimental subjects.  I love fried green tomatoes, but only when my mom made them, she chopped them up and put them in meal with onions and green peppers, and made them that way *making my own mouth water here LOL!!*.  So, I am going to try chopping up the green ones, and canning them, and then using them for frying when I want them.  I can't find much on this on the internet, but figure I would use the same time/pressure as canning red tomatoes, so will go with that.  I will let you know down the road how, or if this works.

I was cruising YouTube, looking for ways to can green tomatoes, and ran across a very good idea that I might use.  It seems that you are able to can ground meat, for future use in soups, chilis, spaghetti sauces, or whatever.  The process involves browning the meat *which should be 12% fat, by suggestion of the video*, and then packing it into jars and pressuring it at 10 lbs for 90 minutes.  The nice lady in the video, who goes by 255sage on YouTube, even did a comparison of her pressured ground beef, to freshly browned ground beef in tacos.  She stated the texture was the same, and the meat had the same flavor.  So, I guess this is something new to try.  First, though, for my own sanity, I will do a little more research on this before actually investing the $$, but it does sound promising.  

Well, tomorrow and the next day are work days at *what has become* the secondary job.  Used to be the primary, but not so much anymore.  Got an eight day stretch of work ahead, not completely full days, but enough time to break each day up in such a way, that it will be hard to get anything done.  So, guess I better skeedaddle, and get some work done here at the house.  The girls are taking their afternoon nap, and the house is quiet.  No better time than now to get something done.  

As always, me and the girls send hopes and prayers of a wonderful day to you all :)

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