Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Beautiful day...reflecting on friends

Woke up to such a beautiful, cool, brisk morning here on the holler.  The sun was bright, the birds were singing such a merry tune, and my girls were bright eyed and waggy tailed.  They have already been out for their morning walkies, and have had their yummies for being good girls on that walk, and now Booh is nestled in for her mid morning nap, and Rooh is on duty keeping the house secure and safe *aka looking out the window and doors for anyone and anything to fuss at LOL!!*

Usually I work my main job, as an Event Specialist at the Paintsville Walmart on Sundays, but I am off today, and get to spend this gloriously wonderful Sunday with the most important beings in my baby girls.  I would much rather spend time with them, than with most people I know.  There are a few exceptions of course.  Those being my very dear friends I have made on my job.  They are Walmart employees, and some of the sweetest, most tender-hearted, trustworthy people I have met since moving here five years ago.  I am always looking to move back home, and when I do, these are the people I will miss the most.

This is one of two people I consider more than best friends.  This is Anita Carolyn, or AC as I call her, and she is the Lead in the Jewelry department at our Walmart.  The one thing that brought me and AC together as friends, was the show Supernatural.  We both love it.  She is a Dean fan, which I pick on her about ALL the time, and I am loyal to Castiel.  We are both fans of Crowley as well.  We try to have lunch together each day that we both work, and that lunch is filled with laughter and silliness...just as it should be.  We have had our serious talks as well, and she will always be treasured for listening to me go on and on.  I count her, and her family, as very dear to me, and would not have traded my time knowing her for anything.  She is one of the few people that makes me glad that I decided to stay here in Eastern Kentucky for as long as I have.  Love ya AC!!!

This is my other more than best friend....Vena,  I don't remember, in my four years at our store, a time when I didn't see Vena going full tilt at her job.  She is 12 years older than me, and has 20 times more energy than me.  She is always smiling, always kind, and if you get her to laughing hard enough, she will actually snort...which tickles me and AC to death!! LOL!!  Vena tends to be very protective of me, kinda like a big sister, and for that I love her to pieces.  She is so funny, and like AC always has a friendly smile to greet you with.  Vena took time out of her Sunday one day, to come and watch me get baptized.  That was well before we got to be as close of friends as we are now.  It touched me very much that she attended, and I will always love and remember her for that. 

This is Denise.  She is one of the kindest people in the store, and is the DM of the Bakery.  I don't know of anyone in the store that is not fond of her, and for good reason.  Denise always has a smile for you, and a sympathetic ear.  She is very compassionate, and I am so grateful to have gotten to be one of those individuals that knows her.  

This is Jewel, or as I call her Jewelsy!! As her name indicates, she has a bright, glimmering soul.  Jewelsy has been through alot in her life, but she has not let that get her down.  And, for that I admire and am in awe of her.  She is always friendly, smiling, and just down right pleasant.  She is a cashier at our Walmart, and has been with them over 15 years.  They are very fortunate to have her represent their company on their front lines.  I love her to pieces as well!!!

This is Linda, and she works in the Connections department of our Walmart.  She is the one that gets all the t's crossed and i's dotted for you to get your new cellphone at Walmart.  She is a hoot as well!! She has gotten used to calling me *trouble* although, I think she is confusing me with someone else *snort*.  LOL!!!  From time to time, she gets her lunch when the rest of us do, and she will come sit with us.  We pick on her for not talking much, because she has her head buried in her phone, due to her *addiction* to the Candy Crush game.  I always look forward to her having lunch with us, and laughing and joking with us as well.

There are many more people that I have met, both customers and associates, that have made my work as an Event Specialist a pleasure to look forward to.  Most days, more than not, that is why I stay with the company anymore is to see these people, and share a smile and a laugh with them.  There will come a day, that I will no longer get to see them, and I hope that they remember me as lovingly and fondly as I will always remember them.  They have each, in their own way, given me sweet memories to take with me wherever life leads me, and the girls.  And for that, I can not say THANK YOU so much enough :)

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