Friday, November 10, 2017

Tending to a very sick furry baby


This has been a very emotional week here at our hacienda.  Baby Booh has been very ill and had a doctors appointment yesterday.  When I called Tuesday morning to make the appointment, and explained exactly what she was doing and how she was acting, with her being up in years (15 to be exact), her doctor said it was most probably time to let her go.

I was a total mess all that day, trying to control my emotions and crying, all the while offering the top notch customer service that my client relies on my for.  Let me tell you, I was so exhausted by the end of the day, but Baby Booh was so sick, I pushed through for her.  Thankfully I was already scheduled off the next day, and my boss told me to take Thursday off to take her to her appointment.

I spent the next few days, and nights as well up with her, tending to her, loving on her, and spending as much time as I could with her.  Miss Rooh was kind of at a loss as to why I was so sad, but I do believe she realized her little sissy was sick, because she kept a close eye on her.  I don't think I have done so much crying since my mom passed away over thirteen years ago.

Time passed, as it always does, and Thursday arrived.  Her appointment wasn't until 145p, and we live 1 1/2 hours away, so I had to make it through that whole morning.  There was more crying, more loving on her, and telling he how much I loved her and always would.  She has always been such a good girl.

We make the drive, a very quiet one, and arrive at her doctors office.  We only have to wait a few minutes to go back.  Rob (the nice vet assistant) put her on the exam table and the doctor looked her over.  When he is done, he says tell me again how she has been acting.  I tell him again the specifics, and he listens.  I then expect him to ask me if I want to stay, while he gives her her final shot.  Instead he says her heart sounds good, her lungs sound good, but there was a lot going on in her stomach and her gut....sounds and such.

I then ask if it is her time.  He says, I don't think she is suffering, just not feeling at all good.  He says he is going to give her a shot for nausea, send her home with nausea pills and antibiotics and for me to restart her pain meds the next afternoon.  To say my jaw dropped is an understatement.  I ask him why the change of prognosis.  He said that when I told him her symptoms, he expected a totally different animal to come in.  He said since he is positive she is not suffering, he wants to try and help her, and give her a chance.  So, letting her go home on meds, and monitored for a few days, was what his professional opinion indicated.

Well, I was not going to argue with him.  So, we checked out, got in the car, and came home.  I can't say she rested much more last night, it almost seemed like she was fighting the calming effect of the nausea shot.  She did drink water a few times through the night.  She burped some, but she did keep it down.  She also cried for some food around 2am and ate about six to seven small bites of chicken.  After that, she settled down and didn't get up until when I got up around 730a. 

She still acted about the same this morning, and her nausea pill starts at about noon.  I am waiting till that is in her to give her her antibiotic, hoping it won't be so rough on her.  She has always been a trooper, and a fighter.  But, she is very frail now, and I feel that maybe her long fight may be coming to an end.  If it comes to her being let go soon anyways, I know I will cherish any time with her as the precious gift it is.....afforded to me by the grace of the Lord.