Monday, October 16, 2017

October Mini Pocket Letter---Process Video

Todays Youtube Video is up and ready to view.

I joined in a swap on one of my Facebook groups and we had to create an October Mini Pocket Letter.  Of course, that meant Halloween to me.  LOL!!

If you get a chance click on over and give it a look. 

I do so hope you enjoy watching the creation of what turned out to be a very cute mini pocket letter.

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Blessings from me and the girls :)

Friday, October 13, 2017

Happy Mail Envelope Process Video Part Two

Today's YouTube video is now up and ready to watch.

It is a process video--the second part--where I finish up the decorating of the envelope.

If you get a chance click on over and give it a look.  While your there, don't forget to like, comment and subscribe.  When you subscribe make sure to click the little bell icon.  That way you will be notified whenever I go live or add another video.

Blessings from me and the girls :)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

New Video Up Today---Painty Papers #1 Process Video

My newest video is now up over on my Youtube channel.

Make sure to check it out---its a fun one :)

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Blog posts and video postings...oh my!!


Well, week two of my 52 weeks of blog posts, and already a day late.  As the old saying goes...better late than never I guess.  LOL!!

I could make up a grand excuse, but the simple truth is that the day completely got away from me.  When I woke up the two main thoughts on my mind were make sure you get a blog post up and a YouTube video up.  Sad to say. neither were accomplished.  As with my blog posts, I did set myself a schedule for YouTube video posts as well.  I told myself I could surely manage posting one on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Evidently, not...LOL!!!

I have always lived my life with schedules and never had a problem before.  When I worked out of the home, everything had to be scheduled around my job.  Although I now work at home, it seems that maintaining a schedule is even more daunting than before.  I am not sure why that is, but for me it does seem to be.  I make the schedules in good faith, and try not to expect too much from myself.  But, for one reason or another, there is always a hiccup somewhere....and that hiccup was yesterday.

But, I do not want to give up on my posting plans, so I am posting both this blog post and my newest YouTube video a day late.  Again...better late than never.

On the YouTube videos, I am trying to get my 100 subscribers, and then I can attempt a live stream once a week.  Then, maybe upload two pre-recorded videos a week.  I did receive a web cam from my wonderful cousin for my birthday, and if I can set down to figure that out (me + new technology = headache LOL!!) then I can do my live streams now.  But, until I can get that done, I am only seven subs away from being able to live stream on my iPhone.  YIPPEE!!!  If you have a moment and are so inclined, please subscribe to my YouTube channel at Hattie's Attic.  I hope to start posting when new videos are up, to this blog, just in case my readers are interested.  

Other than that, it has been pretty much routine around here.  Although I haven't got much creating or playing in paint done in the last week or so.  I am still having to take care of one sick little furry baby, who doesn't want to eat good, and one that is just now showing signs of being a little puny as well.  They are both fifteen years old, and they have more bad days than good it seems anymore.  But, I do the best I can by them, and if they don't feel well soon, I see a doctors appointment in their futures.

I guess that is about it for this weeks update.  Please remember if you can to subscribe to my YouTube channel Hattie's Attic.  I also have a facebook page that I post videos and updates to.  Visit, like, and comment if you can.

Until next week, blessings and love from me and the girls :)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

What does one journal about when one has no life?


As I set here at work waiting for the next call (yep, you guessed it....slow day at da job) I started thinking maybe I would watch a few youtube videos  I usually gravitate towards the creative journaling type videos, and today was no exception.  

But what made today different is that I thought to myself I would like to make process videos on journaling, for my youtube channel.  I currently post pics of my journal pages that I decorate, before adding any of the journaling tidbits, and  those are on both my facebook and my instagram.  But I was thinking maybe I would like to try my hand at a process video on journaling.  

But the question is...what does one journal about when one has no life?  

I mean, I am pretty much home bound...halfway by choice, and halfway not.  It is tough to explain.  The point is, what would I journal about, that others would feel compelled to watch?  I have to say, in  my own opinion, I am not the most interesting person that ever existed.  Not looking for is what it is basically  When you stay home alot, your life seems to be pretty boring by most standards.  Again, it is what it is.  

So, if I do attempt this endeavor, what would my videos be about?  

I tried to approach this with a very analytical slant...I did some brainstorming and wrote down a few possible ideas.   Lets just say boring with a capital B.  I mean, I bored even myself...and it is my life...LOL!!!  So, then I took to the internet and googled it.  What I found was site after site with prompts for journaling, that none of which even peaked my interest.  So, that was a major fail.

I sat, feeling very discouraged and deflated.  After my self pity party was over, I went back to my boring brainstorm list.  And, like the proverbial light bulb, it hit me.  

Why am I thinking I have to conform to what others do?  This is my day to day life, and my youtube channel.  My journaling may not be life altering to some, but me it can be.  I don't have to go into this the same way as others have, or even remotely so.  I can just take it day by day.  Some days may be good, others total and sheer boredom.  But that is okay.  

I can do this.  I can find one thing each day, that I can journal about and maybe, just maybe, someone will watch the video and relate on some level.  Not everything is the same for everyone, and I am sure there are others out there who want to journal, but feel they do not have anything to say.  But, maybe I do.  For some maybe it is enough...for others maybe not even near.  But I will not know until I try.  

Like they say---all new adventures begin somewhere :)

Wishing you all a blessed and peaceful day :)

Tracy and the girls

52 Weeks of Blog Posts---Will you take the challenge?

I recently saw on an other blog where the owner was taking a 365 challenge for blog posting.  Basically, you would post one blog post at least each day of the year.  It didn't have to be long, it didn't have to be in depth---you just had to post.

As much as I would like to think I would do this, I know that 365 posts are pretty much outside the possibility for me.  I know I would miss a day, and then get stressed, and in the end just give up completely.  Believe me---I know me.

So, I came up with a compromise and my own alternative.  Starting today, but not with the post, the one that will follow, I am going to take on the challenge of the 52 weeks of blog posts.  Simply, my aim and intention will be to post one blog post, at minimum, one time each week for a year.  I may post more, but I will at least post one a week.  And on a specific day.  My posts for this challenge will be posted on Wednesdays, and will be labeled in the title as the post for that week.

I think this will give me something to look forward to, as well as something to keep me on a type of schedule.  I have gotten to the point of not having much discipline in my life, as far as keeping to schedules and such. 

I get up, I work, I log off work, I feed me and the girls, I go to bed.  

Now for me, there is nothing wrong with that.  I have, out of necessity, gotten used to my stay at home life.  It affords me with many precious moments with the girls, who are admittedly getting up in years, and I have to face that they won't be here forever.  So, even though I am not really interacting with them (like now...they are napping), they are in the same room with me and I can hear them breathing peacefully.  

I also enjoy, more than you know, not having to worry about driving in the winter weather that we get here in the Appalachians.  I have been here nine years now, and I still dread having to drive in it.  Where I moved from they took such good care of the roads in the winter, that it was never an issue.  Here, I am hard pressed to get out of the driveway (which is on a weird slant) when the smallest skiff of snow falls.

So, maybe by committing myself to 52 weeks of blog posts, I can get some routine back in my life.  And, maybe it will help with nudging me towards pursuing some other areas that have been left neglected for way to long.  We will see.

So, with that all said, today will be the first post.  I have no idea what it will be about, and do not expect it to be pivotal or awe inspiring.  I really do not expect it to be anything like that.  But, I do look forward to it.  Now, I will have to set down and write down my intended schedule of postings, as I am a list maker...always have been always will be.  LOL!!

Wishing you all a blessed and peaceful day :)

Tracy and the girls

Monday, September 4, 2017

Laboring away on Labor Day

While it may be Labor Day today in the States, and in most cases a day of rest from labor for the masses....I am laboring away :)  Which is fine, I had nowhere I had to be, and no one I have to answer to...well except for two little furry babies :)

So, I volunteered to work.  I look at it this way, when the bills come due, I will be much better off in my finances than I would have been if I had lost a days pay.  So, I am good with working.  It's not like I am going to be busy today.  The phones, on a normal weekend, are very quiet and on a holiday weekend you can almost hear crickets chirping (chirp, chirp).  It is on these days I take the opportunity to catch up on a few things that I need to get done.  And today, it is posting on the blog, along with catching up on my pen pal letters.

Oh, rest assurned there is much more I could be doing, without a doubt.  Like cleaning house, washing laundry, and just general time spend with and cuddling the girls.  But, Mondays are my normal day to work, and I just could not see missing a day of work which would result in such a short pay week, so here I am :)

It has been getting cooler here at night and in the mornings, which I hope is an indication that fall weather is just around the corner.  I love the fall season.  I was born in the fall (October) so I have a certain kinship with the whole feel of the season.  I love the crisp, cool air, the changing of the leaves into their bright, vibrant colors, and everything just feels like Mother Nature is taking one last, cleansing deep breath before settling in for the winter.  UGH!! the winter!!  Now that is one season I could do without...totally!!

With the cooler weather is the reminder that the holidays are just around the corner as well.  Which means I need to kick myself in gear and get some items listed in the shop.  Throughout the year I am normally pretty sporadic about when I list, if I list at all.  But during the holidays I do try to have a few things to offer for my shoppers gift giving needs.  I have a few orders to get done, and of course I am anticipating some popcorn garland orders as well.  Those are great to make, because that is something I can work on when I am chillin and relaxin watching TV and I can still spend time with the girls.

So, that is pretty much how the day is here, this Labor Day holiday 2017.  The girls are finally settled down, I have taken all of two calls in an hour, and I have gotten my blog post written.  Not a bad day at all in my opinion...not a bad day at all :)